[1 ATTENDING] Need 22 People @OMDB 080030ZJUL19

  • Aircraft and Livery : Boeing 777-300ER
  • Route : Just Spawn at The Correct Gate For Your Livery
  • Time of Departure : 2019-07-08T00:30:00Z
  • Server : Casual

Join me at Dubai! Just spawn at the correct gate for your livery. I need one of the following liveries at the following gates for a project. I understand the rules but I really need this for my project.

Aeroflot - E09 -
Air Canada - E10 -
Air France Sky Team - E11 -
Air New Zealand - E12 -
Air New Zealand All Blacks - E13 -
American Airlines - E14 -
British Airways - E15 -
Cathay Pacific - E16 -
Cathay Pacific 2015 - E17 -
China Airlines - E18 -
Emirates - E19 - @Qantas094
Etihad - E20 -
Etihad 2016 - E21 -
Garuda Indonesia - E22 -
KLM - E23 -
KLM Orange Pride - E24 -
Philippine Airlines - E25 -
Qatar - E26 -
Qatar Oneworld - E27 -
Singapore Airlines - E28 -
Swiss - E29 -
Turkish Airlines - E30 -
Virgin Australia - E31 -

Can’t wait to see you there.

Please reply if your going to be there.

You likely won’t be able to gather 22 people in just 3 hours, so you should probably move this to #live:events, and schedule this for this to happen in a week. It is a photo shoot right?


Yes it is, but it’s needed in the next day.

Unfortunately, it’s probably too late. Should have made the event a lot earlier to gather all 22 ppl up


I think I will just move it to the #live:events category and change the time forward 14 hours.

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Okay it’s moved and time changed to 0030Z

I unfortunately doubt anyone will show up in the next day, but lets hope!

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I hope so to, I really need this picture for my project.

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I would join, but it is 3:30 AM (my local time)

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It’s fine mate, I might change if the time if I don’t get to 6 signups in the next few hours

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