[1 ATTENDING] Denpasar Ngurah Rai Fly-In @ WADD - 022200ZJUN19

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Welcome to Ngurah Rai Airport!

The airport is named after I Gusti Ngurah Rai (Balinese) hero) Heroes of Indonesia) who died on 20 November 1946 in a Puputan. (fight to the death) against the Dutch at Marga in Tabanan, where the Dutch defeated his company with air support, killing Ngurah Rai and 95 others during the Indonesian Revolution in 1946

Server: (Moved to Expert)

Airport: WADD

Landed Time: 2019-06-01T22:00:00Z2019-06-01T22:30:00Z

Established Routes


-From Australia:

Perth - Denpasar [Click here for FPL]

  • JetStar A320 (JQ/JST110)
  • Garuda Indonesia A330 (GA/GIA727)
  • Batik Air A320 (ID/BTK6008)
  • AirAsia A320 (QZ/AWQ537)

Darwin - Denpasar [Click here for FPL]

  • Virgin Australia 737-800 (VA/VOZ131)
  • JetStar A320 (JQ/JST83)

Brisbane - Denpasar [Click here for FPL]

  • JetStar A320(JQ/JST57)
  • Virgin Australia 737-800 (VA/VOZ043)
  • Malindo Air 737-900 (OD/MXD158)

Melbourne - Denpasar [Click here for FPL]

  • Qantas 737-800 (QF/QFA045)
  • Garuda Indonesia A330 (GA/GIA719)
  • JetStar A320 (JQ/JST035)
  • Malindo Air 737-900 (OD/MXD178)

Sydney - Denpasar [Click here for FPL]

  • Garuda Indonesia A330 (GA/GIA715)
  • Virgin Australia 737-800 (VA/VOZ35) - @Vidal99977
  • Qantas 737-800 (QF/QFA043)

-From New Zealand

Auckland - Denpasar [Click here for FPL]

  • Emirates 777-300 (EK/UAE451)
  • Air New Zealand 787-9 (Seasonal route)

-From Japan

Tokyo - Denpasar [NRT-DPS]

  • Garuda Indonesia 777-300 (GA/GIA881)

Osaka - Denpasar [Click for FPL]

  • Garuda Indonesia A330 (GA/GIA883)

-From Korea

Incheon - Denpasar [Click for FPL]

  • Garuda Indonesia A330 (GA/GIA871)
  • Korean Air A330-300 (KE/KAL629)

-From China

Beijing - Denpasar [Click for FPL]

  • Garuda Indonesia 777-300 (GA/GIA893)
  • China Eastern [Use Generic] A330 (MU/CES781)

-From Vietnam

Ho chi Minh City - Denpasar [Click for FPL]

  • VietJet A321 (Your own callsign)

-From Hongkong

Hongkong - Denpasar [Click for FPL]

  • Cathay Pacific 777-300 (CX/CPA785)
  • Garuda Indonesia 737-800 (GA/GIA857)

-From Taiwan

Taipei - Denpasar [Click for FPL]

  • China Airlines A330 (CI771/CAL771)

-From Philippines

Manila - Denpasar [Click for FPL]

  • Cebu Pacific A321 (5J279/CEB279)
  • Philippines A321 (PR/PAR537)
  • AirAsia A320 (Z2231)

-From Thailand

Bangkok - Denpasar [Click for FPL]

  • Thai Airways 747-400 (TG/THA431)

-From Singapore [Click for FPL]

  • JetStar A320 (JQ/JST117)
  • Silk Air A319 (MI/SLK176)
  • Tiger Air A319 (TR/TGW280
  • Singapore Airlines A330 (SQ/SIA938)
  • Singapore Airlines 787-10 (SQ/SIA942)
  • Garuda Indonesia 737-800 (GA/GIA843)
  • KLM 777-300 (KL/KLM835)

-From Malaysia

Kuala Lumpur - Denpasar [Click for FPL]

  • Malindo Air 737-900 (OD/MXD324)
  • AirAsia Malaysia A330 (D7798/XAX798)
  • Malaysia Airlines 737-800 (MH/MAS851)
  • AirAsia A320 (AK/AXM370)

-From Dubai [Click for FPL]

  • Emirates 777-300 (EK/UAE450)

-From Qatar [Click for FPL]

  • Qatar Airways 777-300 (QR/QTR962)

Seasonal Routes

-From Poland (Warsaw)/WAW [FPL is available, but you can use your own]

  • LOT 787-8 (seasonal flight/your own callsign)

-From Russia (Moscow)/SVO [FPL Available. Using your own are Welcome]* Rossiya 777-300 [Generic](seasonal flight/your own

Private Flight Notes:
If you are about to use Military Aircraft, General Aviation & BBJ/ACJ Flights are Welcome, you can depart from your home Airport**! Still make sure that you’re landed on time :). After landed, you have to park in the apron below


Nearest Airport

Surabaya - Denpasar | WARR-WADD

  • Garuda Indonesia 737-800 (GA/GIA344)
  • Sriwijaya Air 737-900 (SJ/SJY264)
  • Lion Air 737-900 (JT/LNI990)

Makassar - Denpasar | WADL-WADD

  • Lion Air 737-900 (JT/LNI955)
  • Garuda Indonesia 737-800 (GA/GIA451)

Kupang - Denpasar | WATT - WADD

  • Lion Air 737-900 (JT/LNI925)
  • Garuda Indonesia 737-800 (GA/GIA439)

Manado - Denpasar | WAMM - WADD

  • Lion Air 737-900 (JT/LNI775)

Balikpapan - Denpasar | WALL - WADD

  • Citilink [Generic] A320 (QG/CTV444)

Semarang - Denpasar | WAHS - WADD

  • Garuda Indonesia 737-800 (GA/GIA447)

Surakarta - Denpasar | WAHQ - WADD

  • Lion Air 737-900 (JT/LNI924)
  • AirAsia A320 (QZ/AWQ8455)

Jakarta - Denpasar | WIII - WADD

  • Garuda Indonesia A330 (GA/GIA4242)
  • Lion Air 737-900 (JT/LNI10)
  • Batik Air A320 (ID/BTK6500)
  • Sriwijaya Air 737-900 (SJ/SJY272)

Yogyakarta - Denpasar | WAHH - WADD

  • Garuda Indonesia 737-800 (GA/GIA254)
  • Lion Air 737-900 (JT/LNI568)
  • AirAsia A320 (QZ/AWQ8441)

Bandung - Denpasar | WICC - WADD

  • Garuda Indonesia 737-800 (GA/GIA334)
  • Lion Air 737-900 (JT/LNI904)

Palembang - Denpasar | WIPP - WADD

  • Garuda Indonesia CRJ-1000 (GA/GIA266)


-Previously I would like to thank you for participating in my single event. For those of you who have already registered on the list of participating participants, please arrive at Ngurah Rai (WADD) at 2200Z (2019-06-01T22:00:00Z).

-This event will be held on Training servers currently, so please to follow all instructions when theres any active ATC and do not crash with other players aircraft when taxiing. I will notice to you and all participants if theres any server changes to Expert.
ATC can be provided

-NO gates provided at this time, so you can park at any commercial-Aircraft gates as long as the size of your gates is enough with Plane you are using. Plan your gates before Parking! to avoid gates over-size

You can use the route and flightplan suggestions above, but I suggest the above route to be more realism

Recommended format when registering and choosing departure airport

  • Departure : (Airport names/codes or city names, IATA/ICAO)
  • (Airlines and Aircraft)

°For example:
Departure: Singapore, WSSS
Singapore airlines A330

(just the name or code of the airport, it doesn’t need to be written all, the important thing is that the origin of departure is still clear)


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See you in Denpasar!


Quick question: how do you set the date like that?

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I want to know because I planned this event and well it would look nicer

I am using Insert date and Time ,

Edit: it will automatically convert to your local time

Ok cool thanks!

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Sign me up as a Virgin Australia 777-300ER to SYD (Sydney) callsign VGVA-Velocity 9977

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Sure i will sign you up but, VA doesn’t operate 777-300 on this route, would you change to 737-800? And this is a fly in event, you have to Depart from Sydney to Denpasar then landed on time :)

Ah ok sure

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Do you not have enough time to fly long or medium distance to land at this airport?

Make sure to choose your departure on closest airport to Denpasar, Check Domestic on [Established Routes] there are quiet a lot of flight less than 1hr :)

I can be ground and tower.

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That’s Nice , but recently im negotiating with other user about server changes, by not reducing your desire to join, is it possible to accept if you change on the Expert server?

I moved this event to Expert server, because I think for your convenience, in order to avoid Trolling and disorders that reduce the realism

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