(1 Attending!) Bon Voyage! @FIMP 182000ZDEC19

Welcome, Pilots!

Today’s flight will take us from the beautiful waters of Mauritius to the beautiful city of Nice, humbly located in France.

About Sir Seewoosagur Airport
About Nice-Cote D'Azur

Flight Details

Route: FIMP (Sir Seewoosagur) --> LFMN (Nice-Cote D’azur)
Aircraft and livery: FrenchBee A350-900/Air Mauritius A350-900
Flight time: About 12 hours
Time of Departure: 2019-12-18T20:00:00Z
Server: Expert
Flight plan: Copy my flight plan
Notes: IFATC will most probably be present upon departure and arrival, so please act maturely, any violations/ghostings will not be my fault for failing to comply with instructions.

Thanks for looking, and see you there!


I’ll join if it’s in training server😉

Same story, there will most probably be ATC tomorrow 😂 Why don’t you get to G3?

Because I’m ghosted😱👻
Need to wait till the 23rd of February

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I can join 👋

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Awesome! Finally someone comes ☺️

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Departure in 20 minutes!


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@Manav_Suri I’ve spawned and am filing my flight plan for you to copy. Spawn at gate 11 If possible :)

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Pre flight briefing

Flight plan filed, free to copy.

Winds are overall good, with some tailwinds at italy

Put Fuel to 14 hours, with passengers at 345

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@Manav_Suri make sure to put your callsign to flight of 2!

Flight of 2 would be wrong :)

I don’t think this is a formation flight so flight of X is not supposed to be used 🙂

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There’s 2 of us, so why is it wrong?

Ahh, true ok. My bad.

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Flight of X is only used during formation flying. I dont think you guys are doing formation are you? Check Infinite Flight’s YT for a tutorial


Starting Pushback!

@ykaviation I’ve been told before that the flight of x was used for grouflights. my bad

Alright safe flight

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Controller has straight out on so I would be flying runway heading till the ILS cone 🙂

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Roger that, I’ll activate the OSKAR waypoint then :)

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I’m waiting for you as well.

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