#1 ANA fan

Good Evening 🗣

I spent five hours at the airport on Friday because I had a day off. Unfortunately the airline variety was pretty bad that day (this may be due to my friend also taking so long at the skytrain station) but at least I caught my favorite airline in some killer lighting!

Air Canada Max 8 coming out of the clouds!

A United Boeing 737-800 on approach to sow the seeds of democracy 🦅🦅💥

The star of the show - ANA Boeing 787-9 JA923A incoming! I’ve flown JA921A on this route back in 2020

- - - - Location change - - - -

Some boring United A319 headed somewhere

Enjoy this mediocre pan. After all, I am a merely a hobbyist skill issue haver

ANA 115 preparing for its flight back to Tokyo-Haneda!

And here’s an Air Canada A321 to end off this pretty bland spotting trip… hope I have better luck in two weeks when I go again

Thanks for viewing! Which one was your favorite?

Apparently I use flickr now


pathetic. you will never be professional skill issue haver


Indeed I never will. It’s unfortunate

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what a wonderful time to fly ANA and read a spotting topic on it at the same time!

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Hard to believe you’re the #1 ANA Fan when I exist.


I mean, seeing your (what I believe to be) jetphotos account, I see more of everything else than ANA

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I live in North America, ANA is not prominent here :(

I have about 40-50 not-uploaded shots of ANA aircraft though from HND, LAX, SFO, SIN, and elsewhere though. ANA remains my favorite carrier!

i dont post to JP a lot nowadays-


Enjoy your flight!

Nice profile banner. Bro has taste ✨

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