(1/3) flights into KDFW, trip report!

Hi guys! I hope you all are having an amazing day! I will be doing 3 trip reports of my flights into KDFW airport. This is my first one KMCO-KDFW. Hope you all enjoy!

Time to head home and start school again, I was originally in Tampa and now I am heading home.
IAS Mach .84
2 hours 35 minutes

My airplane Airbus A321!

My seat 14A great view of the wing!


Just very plain scenery in central Florida

We are over the Atlantic Ocean at our cruising altitude FL360

After a very uneventful flight we are finally crossing into Texas!

Dallas is such a big city

Landed safely!

Thank you American Airlines for such a comfortable flight back home!

I hope you all enjoyed!


Hey there! I would move this to #live category :)


Sorry I forgot! Lol

Great pics bro @AmericanB772

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Thank you very much!

its kinda sad flying into 2D airports when there r so many 3d airports now

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Yeah it’s just I don’t really mind I like to fly where ever I feel like flying, personally I don’t really care if the airport has active atc or if the airport is 3D I just don’t really care about that stuff if I am being honest.

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