1:2 scale model of RC jet crash.

Want to see a 1:2 scale model of a fighter plane that’s worth about 50k and took years to build disintegrate? Of course you want (1:40)




Omg I’m in shock right now, why should it disintigrate? I wonder what caused it to fall just like that

Aww, that sucks.

There goes a ton of money.

I was at an RC show once and it is amazing that these sound like real jets flying over. One crashed and made a mushroom cloud, it was cool but not if it was mine.

Looks like pilot error. He was going pretty quick and pitched down, it overstressed the airframe and disintegrated


1st thought, “They hit wake turbulence.”

2nd thought, “Oh. they went into overspeed.”

3rd thought, “That is why you stay away from overspeed.”

4th thought, “Good thing that no one was on bord.”

That’s not healthy.

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Overspeed caused the tail to rip off sending the RC into a high G uncontrolled vertical spin that compromised the rest of the structure.

That sucks possibly too much rudder, more then likely bad construction of the horizontal stabilizer.

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Basically a result similar to AA587

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