1,000th Online Flight Ideas

you should fly FrechBee PPT-SFO its 8 hours estimated really 7 hours and 45 minutes… great route @anon38496261 and unique one!!! Or the Alaska Milk Run with as mentioned by @Lucas_Piedra would be fun!!!

Just do your favorite, most beautiful approach. I would recommend somewhere to Auckland, New Zealand (NZAA) on the approach from the east.

Maybe do something a little different. Whether that’s a route nobody knows about or flying a different aircraft to what your used to! 1000 flights is a landmark so it’s good to make it special!

I suggest the milk run.

Don’t think the fighters won’t be following you 😈

Just tell me when and I will summon an army.

Do a flight with friends that’s memorable. That’s my opinion 🤷🏼‍♂️

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Sorry for the late reply, but unfortunately ASA operates the -700. You could fly it with a -800 or with a -700 Generic/BBJ

I think a transatlantic or PANC to KSEA group flight should be fine

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Anchorage to Seattle?

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Singapore to Newark? 😂

Fly the route of Alaska 096 ANC - SEA in a 738

The flight number is actually Alaska 96 but close enough lol

Hmmmm. Singapore to Newark if you have the ability for a 18 hour ultra long haul. That’s the longest commercial flight! Or, PANC to wherever you’re home airport is, unless PANC is your home. If so, you could dl patterns at PANC, depart the airspace, and do some cool mountain landing in the Xcub! You’re call; maybe your favourite route! Let us know what you decode on in the end. That’d make a good screenshot post! Or, even a timelapse!

Since you are alaskan I would do the Milk run.
But I would do a 742 or retro ua 772 flight to Kai Tak.
Go Retro- do a tribute flight


I would recommend you a flight between two cities that have some feelings in you.

For example, my 25th flight was PTY-MAD (because is the hometown of my girlfriend and Madrid, where I lived some years)

My 50th flight I wanted to do ICN-NVI-ZAZ, landing in my second hometown and because (ICN-ZAZ) still operating currently. I think so.

Hope I help you.


PANC to KLAX. Then KLAX to KNUC (and it has to be on TS1 in an A380). Classic.

I did patterns at my hometown airport. And u didn’t even know it was my 1000 flight

That’s what I base my username off of, lol. I could do that.

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