1.000 flight hours

Welcome to my topic about the 1,000 flight hours!

As you can see in the picture above, I cracked 1,000 flight hours a few days ago. I am very happy and proud of it. It was also a long way after many flights and landings.

I want to share this moment with you and I want to thank many of you on Infinite Flight Community.


AWESOME! I’m right at 981, almost up there with you😃

Got another 900 to go, but I am a fairly busy person 😓

I am… not even half way there yet

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I hope you can get there soon!👍


@SkyTrail & @VH-VCQ The flight hours are not the most important! You have to enjoy the game!


I do enjoy the game though! lOl

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I know, otherwise you’d be not here now. I just mean that floght hours are not too important.

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29 hours and I can soon relate :)

Congratulations! I also noticed you’re kinda close to 1,000,000 XP. Hope you reach that milestone soon!


I am at 2078 hours 👀

Congratulations dear 👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼
I can’t wait to see you with 20,000 hours .
Keep flying and you will be there .
Congratulations again .

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I am on the road to 2000, nice job bro!

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Congratulations, hope to see more flight time hours from you!

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1000hrs is a huge milestone that requires many flights to be done with patience and effort at hand. It’s not an easy task as many may say because we got global and all, as getting 1000 hours or more is a achievement that takes time first and foremost which really does push one’s patience to the max.

So, Congratulations on 1K hours, and keep on going and maybe you’ll meet the numbers where I am at today, 8200+ ✈️


cries in 5 hours of flight time


Congratulations, that takes a lot of flying. I’m currently at about 900, and started the beginning of April with 100, so I know the feeling. Again, congrats, and soon enough you’ll be at 1,000,000 XP!

Awesome accomplishment! I’m at 6,800 hours, long hauls are the key! You’ll get here in no time, keep up the good work 😁

Thanks to everyone for congratulations🙂! I will of course continue to fly because Infinite Flight is easily the best Mobile Flight Simulator😍!


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