1,000,000nm, what is your record?

Took me 20 minutes to plan a 1 million nautical mile? What is your record?


That only took 20 minutes?! 🤔


Never actually tried to do this to be quite honest with you. Might try it one day.
Edit: yeah, that’s impressive! Nice work :)

That’s probably Sam Chui’s flight stats ;)

Well I haven’t done that my device would of broke, also how did you do it in 20mins!


Maybe more

Since my fingers are fast 😂

20 minutes to plan or to fly?

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Actually I think he is closer to like 5 million nautical miles. I looked it up and he does more than 300K nautical miles of flights a year.

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It was on pro version not the non pro, better to try with a subscription

I maybe try that 😂

To plan of course

Oh I thought you meant fly. I was like what fighter were you using that went that fast


that would take me a year 😂😂

thats pretty cool.

now fly it


Should I be disturbed? Or not?

Besides, how did your device not melt?

I have a galaxy S10,

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Oh okay, I’m assuming one without the Exynos chipset 😂

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Can we all just appreciate how far that is for a second? That’s about 45 trips around the equator, 5 trips to the moon, about one 80th of the way to the sun, or driving every road in the UK then doing that four times, and at that point you might as well walk the last 18 nmi.

(All of those individuals of course, not the combined distance of everything listed, and there all rounded to clean numbers, but there close)

Let’s say you get in the 747-8 and get a good tailwind in one of the jetstreams that’s still about two months and some change of flying at 600kts gs. 1,000,000 nmi is kind of insanely far, so this brings me to my real question, why?


Keep in mind that if you just add the same two airports over and over (WSSS-KEWR-WSSS-KEWR etc.) you can go as long as you have the patience for.


Your finalising remark reminds me of the old adage: Just because you can, does not mean that you should.

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