0xp for 7 touch and goes

I was in free flight server because atc playground is at 0% right now. I did 7 touch anx goes with a F18 at oceanside muni. I got 0 xp. Does anyone know why?

Because it is down and can’t give you XP.

Are you sure they weren’t ‘Bounce and Go’s’?


I was on free flight. That one is running

I’m pretty sure i stayed on the runway for at least two seconds…

I think just getting you’re back wheels onto the runway counts. I always go for a short roll to get all of them down. The server has been down a bit recently, were you on the PG?

You should have still got XP for the hours (minutes) you flew. Sounds more like you didnt have a WiFi or data connection.

I had green bars. But i could have been cut off

Oceanside muni free flight server

Not the place to discuss Nathan. Please move to PM.

Were you reported by members and ghosted?

Did you see other aircrafts around you? They suddenly disappeared? If you had disconnections in the middle you won’t get XP. If you get zigzag between Amber and green status, wait 4 green before you finish your flight.


That is what happened. Thanks!