0SM of Visibility. Not Really

I was landing at YMML today and was really excited by the ATIS report, 0SM of visibility. It was going to be my first landing in IMC condition. Well I continued the approach and was perplexed by the fact that I had perfect visibility. Then once I landed the fog STILL wasn’t there. It only appeared once I started taxiing. Why is it like this, it completely makes the fact of actually having METAR visbility reports on landing useless.


I had this exact same experience at YSSY today…


This happened to me too, i was taxiing through SAEZ, with no visibility, I couldn’t see my plane at all. All i could look at was the map with the airport layout, and as soon as I rotated, the sky became perfectly clear.

I feel like this issue started recently, maybe like a couple months ago, because there was never an issue with low level fog before

It’s a known issue with the way Infinite Flight updates weather based on your position. This issue also explains the lack of fog in clearly foggy conditions (when flying in especially). The only workaround is to fly around the area for a little while before commencing your approach to experience updated weather conditions. This isn’t ideal but that’s what we have to work with for now.


In addition to what Maxim mentioned, it would also be appropriate to note that this may eventually wait until clouds are worked in as this would fall under that genre.


Yes I realize that from a post that I saw where Schyllberg said that it was being investigated. All I wish for is this issue to be prioritized because it is really important for realism

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I understand your frustration - I am in the same boat as you. However, look at Deer’s reply above. Sometimes in development, you purposely do not waste resources on fixing an issue in the short term when a long term fix is already in development. If you were around before the Global update, there was a “floating-point bug” which made aircraft shake the further you flew away from your starting position. The developers did not bother spending lots of resources on fixing this problem in the short term because the Global update would fix it anyway. The only thing we can do now is wait for the long term fix (that is clouds) to be implemented which should resolve the issue. The developers are definitely aware of the inconvenience that this issue is causing users.


Same issue happened to me arriving at KLAX this morning, METAR says 10 SM of visibility, but it did not update until I was at about FL100.

Wait, I was the controller at that time and I saw low visibility.

That’s because your ATC position is spawned in at the airport and doesn’t move, thus experiences the actual weather conditions. This issue mostly concerns arrivals not experiencing actual weather until it’s too late because of the reason I explained a few replies earlier.


That’s what I thought, thanks (:

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Maybe a feature could be added where you could adjust visibility during a live flight, it works in solo. This way if for example you were flying into Sydney, you see there is 800 Meter visibility so you can set it to that and have the fog spawn in 🤔