0G glitch/feature

I don’t know of any of you discovered this but if you go to above a certain altitude (I think FL400) there is 0G!
Not a super awesome glitch but quite nice

In the real world, 0G training planes do vertical zig zags to create the 0G environment but in IF, you don’t need to fly a plane on vertical zig zags (like an 2-year old). Just fly at a near the edge of space and you have 0G! If spacecraft and G simulation in cockpits get added, you know how to train for flying a spaceship/spacecraft.

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It is always on 0Gs on the rewind screen.


FL400 isn’t near the edge of space also. Aircraft cruise at around FL360-410 (highest I have been).

As @Narroc_Wim said, it is a glitch on the rewind screen.

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0G vertical would be being weightless.
But they don’t differentiate vertical, lateral and accelerating G-Force.

If the accelerating G-Force is 0, it just means you’re not pressed into the seat while taking off or going around.
Lateral G-Force on an airplane is something I can hardly imagine, just as vertical G-Force.
So I think it is accelerating G-Force here. Not a glitch then.

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