09SEP20 / 2000Z - LaGuardia to Chicago O’ Hare @ KLGA to KORD


  • Aircraft and Livery: U.S Airways A320

  • Route: KLGA-KORD

  • Time of Departure: 2000z

  • Server:Expert Server

  • Additional Information:
    Not Affiliated With VA or VO
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Edit: Fixed.


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Cheers :)

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9 September 1400Z seems to have already past, are you sure the time is correct?


Converted to your time zone.

Sorry, ill take this post down Im not the best with ZULU

You don’t need to take it down. We’re you trying to say 2020-09-09T19:00:00Z?

Yes I was trying to do 2:00 pm

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that would be 19:00 Zulu.

I see your in Central time, in the future please refer to this website http://www.timebie.com/std/zulu.php

Here is a good thread to check out to find out about Zulu time.

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