09OCT21 / 1500Z - First Warsaw Fly-Out with buildings! @EPWA [FINISHED]

Credit: Kacper Pempel

About the Event

Dear IFC members, we are happy to show you the first event at the new Warsaw airport with buildings, which was released in the update 21.5! Together with @LOT-Virtual, @AeroflotVirtual, and IFATC we will provide two-hour service at this beautiful airport.

Each pilot is invited Fly-Out to any available place. Individual pilots have departure times available in the table below. Virtual airlines can also plan their own departure time.

We wish you to enjoy the new buildings and the beauty of Warsaw on this day!

Event Details

Begin: 1500Z → End: 1700Z
Server: Expert
Event Type: Fly-Out

IFATC Coverage

Frequency Controller
ATIS 120.45 @Russian_Dream_Pilot
Ground 121.90 @Russian_Dream_Pilot
Tower 118.77 @Russian_Dream_Pilot
Approach 125.05 -
Center 127.00 -


Gate Airline Aircraft ICAO Block Time Pilot Departure time
05 Wizz Air A320 BIKF 3:50H @MainSky 1500Z
06 S7 Airlines A319 UUDD 1:50H @MrAftonn 1600Z
07 LOT B738 EPRZ 0:40H @Jerome_J 1500Z
09 LOT B738 LFTM 2:00H @askrdl 1500Z
10 LOT B788 HKMO 7:40H @Lotus 1500Z
12 LOT B788 VABB 7:00H @Mayank_Pawar 1500Z
13 Emirates B77W OMDB 5:10H @Captain_Dreamliner -
14 LOT B738 LJLJ 1:20H @miha98 1500Z
15 LOT B738 EDDF 1:20H @Monkey_Pilots 1500Z
16 Aeroflot A320 or B739 UUEE 1:50H @MIGUEL_ORIGEL_SOBERO 1500Z
17 Aeroflot A320 or B739 UUEE 1:50H @IF.MOSCOW 1500Z
18 Aeroflot A320 or B739 UUEE 1:50H AFLV Reserved -
Remote Stand 34 LOT CRJ700 EETN 1:20H @MaciMDpl 1500Z

Note: Only gates are in use listed here.


Airline Aircraft Airport ICAO Block Time
Wizz Air A320 or A321 Keflavik (3D) BIKF 3:50
LOT B738 Dublin (3D) EIDW 2:40
Finnair E190 Helsinki EFHK 2:00
LOT or Air Baltic B738 or B752 Riga EVRA 1:20
LOT B738 Berlin EDDB 1:10
LOT E75 or B738 Prague LKPR 1:00
LOT or Lufthansa B738 or A319 Munich (3D) EDDM 1:30
LOT B738 Hamburg EDDH 1:20
LOT B738 Bucharest LROP 1:30
LOT or Turkish Airlines B738 or A333 Istanbul (3D) LFTM 2:00
Aegean Airlines A320 Athens (3D) LGAV 2:20
Wizz Air A321 Larnaca (3D) LCLK 3:00
Emirates or FlyDubai B77W or B738 Dubai (3D) OMDB 5:10
LOT or Lufthansa B738 or A320 Frankfurt (3D) EDDF 1:20
LOT or Air France B738 or A319 Paris (3D) LFPG 2:00
LOT B738 Brussels (3D) EBBR 1:40
LOT or British Airways B738 or A319 London (3D) EGLL 2:00
LOT or Swiss B738 or A319 Zurich (3D) LSZH 1:40
LOT or Wizz Air B738 or A320 Madrid (3D) LEMD 3:10
Wizz Air A321 Porto (3D) LPPR 3:30

Note: Not all destinations are listed here, pilots can use their own sources.


  • Please follow all ATC instruction.
  • If you receive violations, we are not responsible for this. Please DM in your controller.
  • If your gate is already used by another pilot, take another FREE one that is not in the table.
    Also, do not use someone else’s gate.
  • No local flights from the nearest airports.
  • Mandatory compliance with the minimum separation rules.


Here you can find out more about the VAs that helped make this event. Thank them very much for the organization and support!

LOT Virtual | Poland Within Your Reach | The Official 2021 Thread

Aeroflot Virtual | Fly the Russian Way! | Official Thread

Fly from the new 3D Warsaw with us on this beautiful day!


Requesting Warsaw to Dubai on Emirates B77W

Your gate will be reserved! I understand correctly that the your departure time is 1100Z?

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yes…thank you

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Pay attention!

Event time rescheduled.



I will take this

Can I get the LOT flight to Istanbul?

Your gate is reserved. Thanks!

Sure! Have a good flight.

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Really wish I could join but I have a race. Have a wonderful event!!

Don’t worry and thank you for your support, I really appreciate it!

I’ll take a LOT 738 to Rzeszow

Can I have a LOTV 738 to Frankfurt

Sure. Thanks for joining!

You have been added. Thanks!

Aye aye. Could I get a Gate to Moscow Domodedovo on S7 A319? Also, I will be coming back crom my school trip this day, so be advised that I might not come.

First of all, don’t worry!

As for the gate, of course you can get it, just tell me what time is better: 18:00 - 20:00 Moscow time.

19MSK will be amazing, maybe that time I will arrive from my school trip.

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Aw man, sorry. I will come back at 8pm, I could attend, but I’ll depart very late.

In any case, I don’t want to leave the airport at exactly 1700Z. That is, I will wait until everyone who wants to fly out of it.

However, as I said earlier - don’t worry, real life is always a full priority!