09NOV20 / 2000Z - The East Coast Drop @ KBWI to KMCO

  • Aircraft and Livery : Southwest 737-800 and 700s (any livery)
  • Route : KBWI-KMCO
  • Time of Departure : 2000Zulu or 3:00pm
  • Server : Training
    Additional information: Flight plan copy from me when you spawn in
    PM me for gate info

Let me know if you want to join

I don’t understand something. You have a flight at 1800Z that is a cross country flight then 2 hours after that one starts you have another flight. The flight at 1800Z can be found here.

The date was the wrong day I’m having @Butter_Boi help me out with it

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The date for the flight at 1800Z?

@Zhopkins my flight is at 3 o’clock it’s 12 o’clock my time in Maryland

Yeah thats my fault. I messed up zulu time. Might want to adjust the other flight though.

Like I said @Butter_Boi is helping me with it

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I flagged it to the moderators they’re going to help me too

Yes I am.

This flight is for today at 2000Z. The other flight is happening later, we’re taking care of it.

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Even though what do you think of my title??

The title is alright.

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@Zhopkins what would u name ii?

Do you know how you can get people to get to join u??

When you become a TL2 you can post in #live:events. These typically get more people as you can post up to 30 days before the flight and are generally better written.

Could you post it under you name but tag me as the creator??

R u a TL2??

I am a TL2. To answer your question no I can not create it for someone else. I asked Misha about it and he told me that you can not.

Dang it ok

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I guess I am the only one doing this

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