09NOV20 / 0900Z - Taipei Flyout @ RCTP - KLAX #live:groupflights

Join I as I fly across the Pacific in one of the mighty 777’s! You will have a choice of 3 different airlines. China Airlines, EVA Air & EVA Air Cargo. There will be a list of the different callsigns & a Rout/Flight plan in the description. I will be loading on the Training Sever to give more people the opportunity to join at 0730 ZULU, (Taipei time 1530) as Dynasty 20 Heavy in a 777-300ER at Terminal 2 a Gate D5. We will depart (Pushback) at 0900 ZULU, (Taipei time 1700) Make sure to have fun & respect the ATC/Unicom’s.

EVA Air Callsigns: EVA12, 6, 2, & 16

EVA Air Cargo Callsigns: EVA610

China Airlines Callsigns: DYNASTY10, 8, 20 & 6

Route: ROBI1A ROBIN R583 BORDO Y74 NHC A582 OKUMA Y45 ONC V73 TAMAK V73 HIDEK V73 DOVAG 33N140E 38N150E 41N160E 4250N16500E 44N170E 45N180E 45N170W 45N160W 45N150W 43N140W COBAD CEPAS PIRAT BURGL IRNMN2

Thanks everyone for reading this, if you need more information feel free to PM me or reply. Cheers Oli! :)

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Hey there @Oli.S788!

Please change the category to #live:groupflights in order to create a group flight 😊 I will unfortunately be unable to fly along though as I can flying with a froend of mine. Have a safe flight!

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Ah, I see it was just changed!

I will! Also no worries. Cheers Oli

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Hey everyone who just came in, I am right now on the ground in Taipei. Again feel free to join.

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