09MAY24: Caribbean Island Hopping!

Hello! On May 9, 2024, we will be hosting our inaugural event. Join us as we celebrate the start of a new virtual airline with a flight from Kingston, Jamaica (MKJP) to Princess Juliana, Saint Martin (TNCM)! The Caribbean is one of the most beautiful places to fly on Earth, with an assortment of busy island airports and remote airstrips. Take in views of the clear, blue ocean as we embark on this adventure!


This event is open to everyone with access to the Expert Server!

Departure: MKJP at 2000Z

Arrival: TNCM at 2200Z

Estimated Flight Time: 2 hours

Aircraft: Boeing 737-800

Livery: Caribbean Airlines


To sign up for a gate, please respond to the thread below! If all gate assignments fill up, we will look into utilizing the Cargo Apron or have a second departure time about 30 minutes later.


Terminal Gate 01: @WhiskeyTangoFoxtrot

Terminal Gate 02: @PaintDiamond

Terminal Gate 03: @Carrington728

Terminal Gate 04: @safiyurrahman1

Terminal Gate 05: @Prestoni

Terminal Gate 06: @Hussain_Makhdoomi2

Terminal Gate 07: @

Terminal Gate 08: @Levi.TT

Terminal Gate 09: @Probin


Cargo Apron 10: @

Cargo Apron 11: @

Cargo Apron 12: @Gabriel_Johnson

Cargo Apron 14: @Playboii_Dray

Cargo Apron 15: @

Cargo Apron 16A: @allie_rad


MKJP and TNCM are both on the ATC Schedule for May 9th, so expect to have active controllers. In the event that any frequencies are closed, please utilize the CTAF frequencies as necessary and maintain proper spacing from other aircraft.


Caribbean Virtual is a new VA that sets itself apart in the virtual airline world through a unique blend of authenticity, community engagement, and commitment to excellence. Nestled among the azure waters and vibrant cultures of the Caribbean, our airline captures the essence of island life and hospitality, offering pilots an unparalleled experience that transcends the ordinary. What truly distinguishes Caribbean Virtual is our dedication to mirroring the real-world operations of airlines in the region, ensuring that every flight, every route, and every interaction reflects the reality of the Caribbean aviation lifestyle. From our bustling hubs to remote island airstrips, our comprehensive route network spans the Caribbean and beyond, inviting pilots to explore its hidden gems and iconic landmarks from the cockpit.



May I have a gate please?

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Of course! 04 work for you?

That’d be perfect

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🛫🛫 Will be there. ✅


If only there wasn’t this thing called school, I would be able to attend but sadly I can’t.

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Could try to make it!

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Nvm can’t make it

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I will take this pls Terminal Gate 07

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I need to get in on this!!

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Happy to have you!

Sorry family commitment pop up can’t come

I’ll take this one! :)

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May I have a parking spot too?

I would like a spot

Can i take cargo apron 10

@Shivank_Gogia @Gabriel_Johnson @MAviationYT added. See you there!

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Can i get the cargo terminal ill join but ima be in a different plane bcuz im doing the cargo route

Yup! See you there!

Is it in est???