09MAY21 / 1600Z - The Mersey Paradise @ EGGP

Liverpool John Lennon Flyout


Hello, Welcome to my Liverpool John Lennon Flyout
I decided to make this flyout as a special one off, since I do not usually host ones in England. Whilst these destinations may not be as exotic as my other flyouts, I hope you still enjoy what is on offer and come down and join us!

Some information about Liverpool:

Liverpool is a City located on the Eastern Side of the River Mersey in The North West of England. Liverpool is a well known city for its Music - especially The Beatles, Architecture, Bad Weather and Transport. In 2008 was voted Europe’s ‘Capital for Culture’.

Some info about John Lennon Airport:
Liverpool’s International Airport, originally called Speke Airport, is named after The Beatles’ Founder - John Lennon. The Airport itself serves multiple destinations in Europe, with it being a hub for easyJet and Ryanair. Wizz Air alos have a heavy presence at The Airport.


Server: Expert

Airport: Liverpool John Lennon Airport

Date and time: 2021-05-09T16:00:00Z


Gate Destination ICAO Airline Aircraft Flight Time Attendee
01 Cork EICK Ryanair 737-800 1h 10m @candrej
02 Košice LZKZ Ryanair 737-800 2h 30m @AviatorAlex
03 Varna LBWN Wizz Air A320-200 3h 30m @Lachlanavitor
04 Derry EGAE Ryanair 737-800 1h 05m @anon52720224
05 Corfu LGKR Ryanair 737-800 3h 20m @askrdl
06 Jersey EGJJ easyJet A319-100 1h 10m @Matt124
07 Bacău LRBC Wizz Air A320-200 3h 10m @Igor_M
08 Knock EIKN Ryanair 737-800 1h 10m @CompetitiveDivide320
09 Gdańsk EPGD Wizz Air A320-200 2h 15m @James_Wright
10 Isle of Man EGNS easyJet A319-100 0h 30m @N489DN
11 Porto LPPR Ryanair 737-800 2h 25m @AviatorEGCC
12 Marrakesh GMMX Ryanair 737-800 3h 35m
14 Bergen ENBR Widerøe Dash-8 Q400 1h 25m @MainSky
33 Vilnius EYVI Ryanair 737-800 2h 50m
34 Bodrum LTFE easyJet A320-200 4h 30m
35 Luqa LMML Ryanair 737-800 3h 10m
36 Prague LKPR Ryanair 737-800 2h 10m @InFlightMexicoGirl
37 Lanzarote GCRR easyJet A320-200 4h 20m
39 Sofia LBSF Ryanair 737-800 3h 15m
40 Warsaw Modlin EPMO Ryanair 737-800 2h 30m
41 Vienna LOWW Laudamotion A320-200 2h 20m @nowhereman
51 Krakow EPKK easyJet A320-200 2h 30m
52 Palma de Mallorca LEPA easyJet A320-200 2h 25m @Nightt
53 Bucharest LROP Blue Air 737-800 2h 45m @Alexian61
54 Larnaca LCLK easyJet A320-200 4h 25m @CaptainHugh
55 Salzburg LOWS easyJet A320-200 2h 20m @Sam_D206
56 Pula LDPL easyJet A320-200 2h 25m @DanG387

Rules and Recommendations:

  • Participants must ensure they use a realistic flight plan generator to gather their flight plan.
  • Pilots are to maintain spacial awareness
  • Minimum separation of 3 nautical miles horizontal and 1000 ft vertical must be adhered to at all times.
  • You are to enjoy yourself, and have a good time!


Such a cool airport! I’ll take this one.


Lovely well put together event at a cool airport, Gdańsk is tempting but I’ll grab that


@DanG387 @Igor_M

You’re both signed up, great choices!


I’ll take this one of course, just because it’s Blue air and not Wizz.


|10|Isle of Man|EGNS|easyJet|A319-100|0h 30m
About time Liverpool got some love, i’ll happily take this gate please.

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Been waiting for someone to make a good event like this! If possible, could you add an easyJet flight to Fuerteventura on the A320? Thanks! (If not then I’ll take a look at some other gates)


Can you sign me up for this one, please?


@15shawo You from Liverpool right?

Yeahh i am

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Thought so haha

@Alexian61 haha, that Blue Air gate is yours!

@N489DN Signed you up, shortest flight on the list!

@Sam_D206 Sure, I’ve added a gate to Fuerteventura and signed you up for it!

@AviatorAlex Amazing choice, enjoy the flight to Košice

@askrdl Got you down for Corfu, see you there!

Thanks everyone for signing up


Thanks see you there.

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Thank you!

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Recommended route:

Stuck for ideas?

Varna is a port city and seaside resort on Bulgaria’s Black Sea, next to the coastal resorts of Golden Sands, St. Konstantin and Albena. It is Bulgaria’s third largest city and often referred to as the ‘Pearl of The Black Sea’. The flight, operated by Wizz Air, is just over 3 hours and provides beautiful views across nearly the whole of Europe. Whilst it is possibly one of the least known destinations on the list, it is definitely well worth signing up for!

Sign up below!

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I’ll take Vienna if possible :)

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Of course, see you there!

34 Bodrum LTFE easyJet A320-200 4h 30m

i’ll take this one.

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The Gate to Bodrum is yours!

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Thanks ! See you there.

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