09MAY21 / 0200Z - Group Flight Series Episode 2 @ EDDM

Group Flight Series Episode 2

By @Matt001 @minimaster & @ElectricGalaxyYT

After the success of Episode 1 from New York to Rome, we decided that it was time for Episode 2! This event will be in favour of those with the current 21.1 Open beta as we fly from Munich, Germany to Cape Town, South Africa

Event Specifics

Server: Training
Route: EDDM - FACT
Flight Time: 11h 15min
Time: 2021-05-09T02:00:00Z
Aircraft and Livery: Airbus A350 / Boeing 747-400 / Boeing 747-8 || Lufthansa


Be Respectful to all Users.
I or any other GFS hosts will not be responsible for any violations earned.
A PM will be made 48 hours before the event.
Note that Terminal 2 will only be used at Munich.

Please note that the gates listed below are for reserving purposes. The list for Munich is for 747 slots only, however Cape Town Slots are limited as the Cape Town List is for all pilots. Therefore, signups will close once Cape Town reaches its capacity limit.

Reserved Gates

Note: This list is only for people who wish to fly the B747. Anyone who wishes to fly the A350 can just reply to this thread and you will be automatically put on a separate list.

Gate Airport Pilot
201A Munich @HDS_Host
207B Munich @PocketRishi
209B Munich @minimaster
212B Munich @Matt001
214 Munich @ElectricGalaxyYT
215A Munich
216 Munich @KCAviation
219A Munich @RhendyAvGeek
222B Munich @Icelandair_TeamICE
224A Munich
249A Munich @AZ001
250 Munich
251B Munich @Mayank_Pawar
254 Munich
256 Munich @Alaska_298_super_YT
301 Munich
302 Munich @Levi_Park
317 Munich
318 Munich
Stand 262 Munich

Note: This list below is for everyone flying any wide body into Cape Town.

Gate Airport Pilot
A03 Cape Town @ElectricGalaxyYT
A04 Cape Town @Matt001
A05 Cape Town @minimaster
A06 Cape Town @KCAviation
A07 Cape Town @PocketRishi
B29 Cape Town @Icelandair_TeamICE
B26 Cape Town @zion89
B23 Cape Town @AZ001
B20 Cape Town @Mayank_Pawar
B17 Cape Town @Zaviation
B14 Cape Town @Alaska_298_super_YT
B11 Cape Town @HDS_Host
B08 Cape Town @Hasempire07
B05 Cape Town @RhendyAvGeek
B02 Cape Town @Levi_Park

Feel free to ask any questions below


Just say the Aircraft Type you want to fly.

747-8 please

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You’re signed up!

see you there matt

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Hi. 747 is cool right

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Of Course, Cape Town isn’t a problem, just the gates at Munich are. You wish the fly the 747 for this event?

Yea, cape town

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Alright you’re signed up!

Sorry, but i cannot join this matt

It’s okay Az

cn we talk on discord not here now pls…

Lufthansa @Matt001

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Just need to know what aircraft.

a359 please

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Hey, I will be taking the 747-8 in into Cape town

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@zion89 & @AZ001, You guys are both signed up!

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Can I have the Daily 747-8 service to Mumbai please?,Thanks!

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Apologies for not being clear, this is a group flight. We’ll be flying from Munich to Cape Town. But I’ll be happy to give you a 747-8 slot. @Mayank_Pawar

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Okay,Thank You,see you at the event!✌🏼

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