09MAY21 / 0000Z - My first Group Flight! @ KJFK->KLAX

  • Aircraft and Livery: B737-800 United Airlines 2019

  • Route: KJFK - KLAX

  • Time of Departure: 10:00am AEST Time or 12:00am Zulu Time

  • Server: Expert

---- It’s optional but if anyone want to copy my flight plan feel free;)

  • Additional Information:
    Hey guys this is my first group flight if I did a mistake please so I do better next time thank you guys.

Hey, please use the title format in the linked topic please)

The title would be

09MAY21 / 0000Z - My first Group Flight! @ KJFK->KLAX

Ah ok I really appreciate it can I just copy and paste that in to the total then.

Yeah! Hope you enjoy the flight!

Thank you I really hope someone joins though.

I am on now for any that wants to join

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