09JUN21 / 0600Z - GA Day By Infinite Flight

Through doing some practice - I’ve discovered do a touch and go on RW06 at Lukla is going to require some serious flying skills.

Should be fun! Wish me luck - I hope I don’t crash!

Misha I’m guessing restriction TFRs will be set up at all the airports.

Guaranteed there will be at least one topic where the user got a Level 3 violation because they didn’t bother to read the TFR.

One word: oof

So that means at Katmandu, only GA there?

No, all other airports besides Kathmandu are GA aircraft only. Kathmandu is the only airport you are allowed to fly into in a non general aviation aircraft.

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The approach to VNLK is no joke in the TBM. Come thru the canyon and enter right base to runway 06. Final approach speed less then 90kts. Good luck! Super fun fly in!

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Ayo Happy Birthday! It’s my birthday too 😆😆


Happy birthday to both of you! Hope your day is filled with Aviation which is the way we like to say happy birthday here in IFC! Happy birthday, @CoastieJim and @yazen!


Happy birthday !


just looked at the date and its the 9th haha


Try not to crash too much at Lukla like this poor guy in this video. the videos shows him crashing quite a number of times before succeeding.

Happy birthday!

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I don’t think that there needs to be a TFR for ZUNS and ZULS since those airports in real life serve narrow body jet aircraft.

@Angus_flyer see above.

Guys, please read the information before you fly.

I’ve already seen a few people told to divert from ZULS because they haven’t bothered to read the event information and flown in using A319/A320s.

I saw a guy take off from Kathmandu using an A350 and heading in the direction of Lhasa


Hope this helps

Wow amazing

I have had to skip VNBR in my flight plan (ie going direct from VNBW to VNJS) - otherwise I would have run out of fuel.

Anyone up for a formation flight?