09JAN21/1600Z - Philly Flyout @KPHL

The Philly Flyout

Thank you for taking interest in my first ever flyout. Keep in mind that many of the gates are repetitive flights and may have a few members doing the same flights on different planes.

Event Information

Server: Expert
Date & Time: 2021-01-09T16:00:00Z
Airport: KPHL/PHL

A Gates
Gate Destination Airline/Livery Plane Community Member
A2 MDPC American Airlines A321
A3 KBNA American Airlines A320
A4 MKJS American Airlines A321
A6 MYNN American Airlines A321
A7 KSAT American Airlines A320
A8 TNCA American Airlines B752
A9 KCLT American Airlines A320
A10 EIDW Aer Lingus B752
A11 KDFW American Airlines A321
A12 KPBI American Airlines A320
A13 KSAN American Airlines A321
A14 TIST American Airlines A321
A15 TNCM America West B752 @Keegan_Butler
A16 MDSD American Airlines - 1968 B752
A17 TXKF American Airlines B752
A18 LEMD American Airlines B789
A19 OTHH Qatar Airways A359 @A320_Flyerboy19
A20 EHAM American Airlines B772
A21 EGLL British Airways B789
A22 EGCC American Airlines - One World B772
A23 EDDF Lufthansa A359
A24 LIRF American Airlines - Old B763
A25 LSZH American Airlines B789
A26 LFPG American Airlines - 1968 B772
B Gates
Gate Destination Airline/Livery Plane Community Member
B1 KAUS American Airlines A320
B2 KCLE American Airlines B738
B3 KBTV American Airlines A320
B4 KTPA American Airlines A321
B5 KMSP American Airlines B738
B6 KDTW American Airlines A320
B7 KLAX American Airlines A321
B8 KLGA American Airlines B738
B9 KRSW American Airlines B738
B10 KPHX American Airlines A320
B11 KPSP American Airlines A320
B13 KMIA American Airlines - Old B738
B14 KSLC American Airlines B738
B15 KSEA American Airlines A320
B16 KJAX American Airlines A320
C Gates
Gate Destination Airline/Livery Plane Community Member
C17 KIND American Airlines A320
C18 KDEN American Airlines A320
C19 KEYW American Airlines - Astrojet B738
C20 KPDX American Airlines A321
C21 KPWM American Airlines A320
C22 KSFO American Airlines A321
C23 KIAH American Airlines B738
C24 KFLL American Airlines B738
C25 KMCI American Airlines A320
C26 KEGE American Eagle CRJ9
C27 KMCO American Airlines A320
C28 KMSY American Airlines B738
C29 KBZN American Airlines A320
C30 KBDL American Airlines B738
C31 KSTL American Airlines - TWA B738
D Gates
Gate Destination Airline/Livery Plane Community Member
D1 CYYZ Air Canada CRJ9
D2 CYUL Air Canada Jazz DHD8
D3 KLAX Spirit Airlines A321
D4 KSEA Alaska Airlines - 2016 B739
D5 KLAS Spirit A320
D6 MMUN Spirit Airlines A321
D7 KDTW Delta Air Lines B738
D8 KORD United Airlines 2019 B738
D9 KSLC Delta Air Lines B739
D10 KDEN United Airlines B739
D11 KATL Delta Air Lines A321
D12 KIAH United Airlines A320
D13 KCVG Delta Air Lines/Connection CRJ9
D14 KSFO United Airlines B752
D15 KMSP Delta Air Lines A319
D16 KIAD United Express CRJ7
E Gates
Gate Destination Airline/Livery Plane Community Member
E1 KMDW Southwest - Canyon Blue B738
E2 KBOS JetBlue E190
E3 KDEN Southwest - Heart B737
E4 KFLL JetBlue A320
E5 KHOU Southwest - Desert Gold B737
E6 KPBI JetBlue A320
E7 KATL Southwest - Canyon Blue B737
E8 TJSJ JetBlue A321
E9 KSTL Southwest - Heart B738
E10 KMCO JetBlue A321
E11 MMUN Frontier - Virginia the Wolf A321
E12 KMSY Frontier - Hugh the Manatee A320
E13 KPHX Frontier - Ozzy (the Orca) A320
E14 KDFW Frontier - Colorado (the Ram) A320
E15 KTPA Frontier - Alberta and Clipper A320
E16 KLAS Frontier - Virginia the Wolf A321
E17 KMIA Frontier - Sheldon (the Sea Turtle) A320
F Gates
Gate Destination Airline/Livery Plane Community Member
F1 KROC American Eagle CRJ2
F2 KSYR American Eagle CRJ7
F3 KGSO American Eagle CRJ7
F4 KMYR American Eagle CRJ9
F5 KGRR American Eagle CRJ7
F6 KTYS American Eagle CRJ2
F7 KMEM American Eagle CRJ7
F9 KORF American Eagle CRJ2
F11 KBGR American Eagle CRJ2
F12 KCHO American Eagle CRJ7
F13 KMSN American Eagle CRJ2
F14 KFWA American Eagle CRJ2
F15 KMDT American Eagle CRJ2
F16 KOMA American Eagle CRJ7
F17 KPIT American Eagle CRJ9
F18 KITH American Eagle CRJ2
F19 KXNA American Eagle CRJ7
F20 KILM American Eagle CRJ2
F21 KPNS American Eagle CRJ2
F22 KSAV American Eagle CRJ2
F23 KCHA American Eagle CRJ2
F24 KCAK American Eagle CRJ2
F25 KISP American Eagle CRJ7
F26 KCMH American Eagle CRJ9
F27 KCRW American Eagle CRJ2
F28 KSWF American Eagle CRJ2
F29 KRDU American Eagle CRJ9
F30 KDCA American Eagle CRJ9 @Aviation108
F31 KART American Eagle CRJ2
F32 KABE American Eagle CRJ2
F33 KUNV American Eagle CRJ2
F34 KAVP American Eagle CRJ2
F35 KBHM American Eagle CRJ7
F36 CYOW American Eagle CRJ7
F37 KPVD American Eagle CRJ7
F38 KDSM American Eagle CRJ2
F39 KMHT American Eagle CRJ2

KPHL Charts


Respect UNICOM and IFATC instructions (if present).
Spawn 5-15 minutes before departure.
Use SIDs, STARs, and APP procedures in your flight plan if available.
Do NOT pushback if another aircraft is pushing back beside you.

A group PM will be sent 3 days prior to the event.

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Ill take this gate please

Thanks for signing up! 😊

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I will take this one please

Thanks for signing up! 😊

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