09FEB24 / 1200Z - Chinese New Year's Eve Special Event @WSSS to VHHH

Lunar New Year Infinite Flight Event

Hosted by CXVA and CZVG

Join us for a special flight from Singapore to Hong Kong to celebrate the Lunar New Year in the skies. A unique opportunity for pilots to connect and share the joy of flight. Mark your calendars and let’s soar together into the Lunar New Year!

Event Details

  • Server: Expert Server

    • Note: Make sure that you are a G3 (or up) pilot!
  • Time:

    • Event Duration: 2024-02-09T12:00:00Z2024-02-09T16:00:00Z
    • Please spawn at the gate by 2024-02-09T11:40:00Z
  • Route: WSSS → VHHH (Singapore to Hong Kong)

    • Expected Flight Time: 4 hours
    • Please anticipate possible delays due to high volume of flights.


Sign-up link
Sign-up link Chinsese Version

We are using a new generation system for sign-ups. If you encounter any bugs, please report them. After submitting the form, react ‘Going’ below👇

Pilot Gate Aircraft Sign up way
@Simon_Guo1 C1 A333 CZVG
@Yang-le-duo C13 B788 -
@HK-168 C15 A359 CXVA
@JL.Dominic C17 B744 CZVG
@Winter_love C18 A339 CZVG
@CannedPig C20 A333 CXVA
@wangcancan C22 B77W -
@Piggywu C23 B748 VO1
@JiahaoX C24 A359 CZVG
@paopao C25 A359 -
@AotZ C26 A359 -
@VISUL D32 A359 -
@SteveAirched D34 B772 VO1
@Zhan D35 A359 VO2
@Cpt.Ace D36 A359 -
@zcy D37 B77W -
@ltsastarindust_Li D41 A359 CXVA
@henrynch D42 A359 CXVA
@wpxjgwfn42 D44 B77W VO1

WSSS GTS: @BlueSky

VHHH GTS: @LightAviation

More to be added…

  • Livery Restrictions: Please follow the livery restrictions.
  • Flight Information: Detailed flight information will be posted 1 day before the event starts.
  • ATC Instructions: If there’s an ATC, please follow their instructions or you will be reported.
  • Questions: If you have any questions, feel free to ask here or PM me.
  • Thank You: Thanks to all who signed up, see you in Singapore!


I will Open WSSS GTS when the event starts!

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11 Pilots Reached!!!

If you haven’t signed up yet, come and join this significant event!

I cant join I have school D:

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Gate’s are full now, i’m adding new gates to the database, please wait for the update~ Thanks for cooperation.

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More gates have been added!!!

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I’m the same

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Anyone else wanna sign up?

@ChinaSouthernVG I am under CXVA as I am a pilot for them

ok i got it.

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@Simon_Guo1 @Yang-le-duo @HK-168 @JL.Dominic @Winter_love @CannedPig @wangcancan @Piggywu @JiahaoX @paopao @AotZ @VISUL @SteveAirched @Zhan @Cpt.Ace @zcy @ltsastarindust_Li @henrynch @wpxjgwfn42

Hi everyone,

Thank you for joining our journey! Here are some important notes for the event:

  • Flight Plan: Please copy from ST-MON, who will lead.
  • Cruising Altitude & Speed: FL400 at Mach 0.85.
  • Air Traffic Control (ATC) Guidance: Adherence to ATC instructions is essential.
  • Runways: Departure from Runway 02C. Arrival Runway will be assigned by ATC.

A big shout-out to our ATC controllers, and wishing everyone a HAPPY CHINESE NEW YEAR!

Let’s make this trip memorable. Safe travels!


Now you can enter the game and prepare your departure.
Thanks for cooperation!


Thanks you all for joining this event.