09DEC22 | 0000Z | Mega Milwaukee Flyout @KMKE

Welcome to the Beautiful Milwaukee Wisconsin, Better known Cream City! Know for its Sports teams,
and rich history, dating back to the 1840s! I @United403 and my good friends @AirCanada11 and @Butter575 want to welcome you to our event! lets fill Milwaukee and get it busy

Event Info

Expert Server
0000Z, 6pm mst
General Mitchell airport KMKE

C Concourse
Gate Airline Route Aircraft User
C9 American Dallas A321 @AviatorRyan
C10 Delta Dubai MD11 @Topgottem
C11 American Charlotte B738 @AmericanB772
C12 American Chicago E175 @Flyin.Hawaiian
C14 American Philidelpia E175 @ybtl.aviation
C15 JetBlue New York A321 @Cooper
C17 Alaska Seattle B738
C18 JetBlue Boston BCS3 @Einstein
C19 Air Canada Toronto CRJ2 @AirCanada11
C20 Frontier Denver A320 @IFA_YT
C21 Frontier Las Vegas A321 @Coolflights
C22 Frontier Orlando A321
C23 Frontier Tampa A320
C24 Frontier Fort Myers A320 @CaptainE
C25 Porter Toronto City Q400 @JetSetBOS
D Concourse
Gate Airline Route Aircraft User
D27 Southwest Baltimore B738
D28 Southwest Dallas Love B737
D29 Southwest Denver B738 @RagonDragon
D30 Southwest Fort Lauderdale B738
D34 Southwest Las Vegas B738
D36 Southwest Phoenix B738
D38 Southwest Atlanta B738
D39 Southwest Cancún B738
D41 Southwest Nashville B737
D42 Southwest St Louis B737
D43 Southwest Los Angeles B738 @Einstein D44
D45 Southwest Fort Myers B737
D46 Southwest Orlando B738 @No_Name_gaming
D47 Southwest Tampa B737
D48 Southwest Houston Hobby B738
D49 Southwest Washington National B737 @EnthusiasticAviation
D51 Spirit Fort Lauderdale A321
D52 Spirit Las Vegas A321 @Klas892
D53 Spirit Cancún A321
D54 Spirit Orlando A321
D55 Spirit Myrtle Beach A320
D56 Spirit Tampa A321
E Concourse
Gate Airline Route Aircraft User
E60 Delta Atlanta A321 @IF420JP
E61 Delta Detroit B712 @AmericanEagle
E62 Delta Boston BCS3 @Wonderousbuilder641
E63 Delta Salt lake City B739 @ThatOneFloridaAvGeek
E64 Delta Minneapolis A319 @Butter575
E65 Delta LaGuardia BCS3 @Topgottem
E66 United Denver B739 @UALPilot
E67 United Newark E175 @United403
E68 United Chicago CRJ2 @Aviation_Jerry
E69 United Houston A320

ATC services are greatly appreciated

ATIS @Endurable
Ground @Endurable
Tower @Endurable


  • Follow ATC instructions
  • If you intend to fly in from another airport please time it accordingly
  • We are not responsible any level 1,2 or 3 violations
  • If no ATC is not present use Unicom as professional as possible
  • Have fun


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This gate please

ill get you signed up right away

Delta 737-900 To SLC!

Kk! I’ll Sign you up thanks for joining

This please

Alright! I’ll sign you up

I will take this one, thanks!

You’ll be signed up in 10 seconds

Please everyone press going or interested

Let’s get some more sign ups!

Looks awesome cannot commit to flying but I can tell you frontier only has one gate. And several aircraft types are wrong. If you would like the accurate aircraft types I’d be happy to provide you a list. I work at the airport and see these aircraft arrive and depart everyday.

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One of my pet peeves is when people use the wrong aircraft/callsign on a scheduled flight. @United403 please get this fixed!

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That is not something to be complained about. Delete this please.

No need?

This one please, thank you!


@Zigler_AviationYT if you have any problems, please message me privately and not In my event thread

I’ll sign u up momentarily @Cooper

Hey! Could i get Gate C12 American E175 to Philidelpia. Cheers.

of course! ill sign you right away