09aug20/2000z @ first ever venezuela flyout. svmi

Welcome to the SVMI Fly Out. You may be wondering why did I pick SVMI. First, it’s where I’m from. I also noticed that nobody has ever done a fly out in Venezuela so why not be the first. This is also my first time hosting a fly out. SVMI has barely any destinations because of the political and safety issues so I’m going to make it with the past destinations.

Server: Expert Server

Airport: SVMI

Time: 2000Z

Where the gates, probably missed click🤷‍♂️

I need to fix a lot of things. SOMEONE HELP!!!

Hi @DanVenezuela we appreciate your event it looks like a great one!!

There are a couple things tho:
So in order to follow the guidelines you need to add an @ in the title and you need gate assignments.

Read this for a quick reminder About The Events Category

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That’s where

He click post on accident.

I know ;)…

For future reference, I’d suggest drafting in a PM to yourself before posting.

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Can somebody help me add the gates. Don’t know how