09AUG20 / 1900Z - Project Idaho - Part One @ KMAN to KREO

  • Cessna 172/ F-HATZ:


  • 1900Z:

  • Expert:

  • Please be respectful of the Unicom or ATC If present, please spawn in on time:
Extremely Important flight Details Must Read

Once spawned in please copy my flight plan (I will spawn in 5 minutes early to make a flight plan) we will start Taxiing at 1905Z
We will cruise at FL100
Cruising speed will be 110KTS
Please follow my speed on descent and landing
Flight Time will be around 1H 10min
This will be taking a longer route so we get to fly over some beautiful scenery

Hope you enjoy this!


15min till spawn

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Iโ€™ll happily come but I might have to leave randomly at some point

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Hey, I see you ๐Ÿ‘‹๐Ÿผ

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Flight level 1000 canโ€™t be done, the ground is too high?

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FL100 means 10,000ft, I was hiking the mountain range we flew over yesterday!

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Awesome!!! How was it?

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It was awesome, At first I had a little trouble breathing at the higher altitude but then I was fine, we went up to 7800ft and I did a cool water bottle experiment with air pressure differences which you can find on my YT channel which is linked in my profile.

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