09APR22 / 1900z - The Massive Atlanta Flyout! @KATL


Hello everyone and welcome to my massive Atlanta flyout! Atlanta has recently became 3D, so Atlanta seems like the perfect spot. It’s spring time, so no better way to start spring, then to have a flyout! I hope you guys enjoy my flyout and hope to see you there!

Airport: Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport, Atlanta, Georgia, USA
Server: Expert
Date and Time: 2022-04-09T19:00:00Z

About Hartsfield-Jackson Atlanta International Airport-

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Pictures of KATL-

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Concourse T

Gate Destination Aircraft Livery Pilots
T1 KORD A320 Delta
T02 KSAN A321 Delta
T03 KBHM 737-800 Delta
T04 KLIT A320 Delta
T05 KORF A321 Delta
T06 KDEN (3D) 737-800 United
T07 KIAD (3D) A319 United
T08 KORD 757-200 United
T09 KMIA A321-200 American
T10 KPHL (3D) A320 American @HUMVEE
T11 KASE (3D) CRJ-700 American
T12 KDFW A321 American
T13 KCLT (3D) CRJ-900 American
T14A KORD A320 American
T15 KDCA (3D) CRJ-700 American @BlueThunder08
T16A KDFW 737-800 American
T17 KLGA 737-800 American
Concourse A
Gate Destination Aircraft Livery Pilots
A01 KTPA (3D) 757-200 Delta @Avaitor1
A02 KEYW A320 Delta @AA_MIA
A03 KIAH A321 Delta
A04 KMCO 737-900 Delta
A05 KBDL 737-900 Delta
A06 KLAX 757-200 Delta @Elijah_Robinson
A07 KSRQ A321 Delta
A09 KJFK (3D) 737-900 Delta
A10 KTPA (3D) 757-200 Delta @Pilot_InfiniteFlight
A11 KMIA 737-900 Delta
A12 KTPA (3D) A321 Delta
A15 KTPA (3D) 737-800 Delta @Connor.CHARLES
A16 KBWI (3D) 737-900 Delta
A17 KABQ A321 Delta
A18 KSEA (3D) 737-900 Delta
A19 KLGA A320 Delta
A20 KTUS A321 Delta
A21 KLGA A321 Delta
A24 KSAV A320 Delta
A25 KBOS (3D) A321 Delta
A26 KMCO 757-200 Delta
A27 KPBI A321 Delta
A28 KMIA 757-200 Delta
A29 KMSY A320 Delta
A30 KDCA (3D) A320 Delta
A31 KPHX (3D) A321 Delta
A32 KMKE A320 Delta
A33 KROC A319 Delta
A34 KPVD A320 Delta
Concourse B
Gate Destination Aircraft Livery Pilots
B01 KRDU 737-900 Delta
B02 KCVG 737-800 Delta
B03 KLAS (3D) 757-200 Delta
B04 KRSW (3D) 757-200 Delta @Callum_King
B05 KROA A320 Delta
B06 KMIA A321 Delta
B07 KCMH 737-800 Delta
B09 KRIC 737-800 Delta
B10 KGPT 737-900 Delta
B11 KBWI (3D) 737-900 Delta
B12 KPHL (3D) 737-800 Delta
B13 KLAX (3D) A321 Delta @Chopmaster
B14 KMLB A320 Delta
B16 KSDF 737-800 Delta
B17 KSYR A319 Delta
B18 KDTW 757-200 Delta @Tharealjaay
B19 KMCI A321 Delta
B20 KDAB (3D) 737-900 Delta
B21 KJAX 757-200 Delta
B22 KIAH A320 Delta
B23 KJAC 757-200 Delta
B24 KEWR 737-800 Delta
B25 KBNA 737-900 Delta
B26 KBZN A321 Delta @Flying_Ryan
B27 KCHA A320 Delta
B28 KAUS A320 Delta
B29 KTLH A320 Delta
B31 KPNS 737-900 Delta
B32 KFLL 757-200 Delta
B33 KCHS (3D) 737-900 Delta
B34 KDFW A321 Delta
B35 KGEG 737-900 Delta
Concourse C
Gate Destination Aircraft Livery Pilots
C01 KBWI (3D) 737-700 Southwest
C02 KDCA (3D) 737-800 Southwest
C03 KTPA (3D) 737-700 Southwest
C04 KRSW (3D) 737-800 Southwest
C05 KDAL 737-800 Southwest
C06 KBNA 737-700 Southwest
C07 KMIA 737-700 Southwest
C09 KRDU 737-700 Southwest
C10 KJAX 737-700 Southwest
C12 KRSW (3D) 737-800 Southwest @A10f4ang
C13 KFLL 737-700 Southwest
C14 KLGA 737-700 Southwest
C15 KMDW (3D) 737-800 Southwest
C16 KHOU (3D) 737-700 Southwest
C17 KLAS (3D) 737-800 Southwest
C20 KDEN (3D 737-700 Southwest
C21 KPHX (3D) 737-800 Southwest
C22 KLIT 737-700 Southwest
C30 TNCB 737-800 Delta
C33 KEGE 757-200 Delta
C34 KPIT A321 Delta
C35 KEYW A319 Delta
C36 KAGS CRJ-900 Delta
C37 KEWR 717-200 Delta
C40 KELP A320 Delta
C41 KECP A320 Delta
C42 KHXD E170 Delta
C43 KSTL A320 Delta
C46 KTYS 717-200 Delta
C47 KSFO 3D) 737-900 Delta
C49 KVPS 717-200 Delta
C50 MMUN A321 Delta
C52 KSEA (3D) 757-200 Delta
C55 MRLB 737-900 Delta
Concourse D
Gate Destination Aircraft Livery
D01 KPHL A320 Frontier
D02 KLAS (3D) A321 Spirit
D03 KMCO A320 Frontier
D04 KDFW A321 Spirt
D05 MDPC A320 Frontier
D06 KMSP A321 Spirit
D07 KSDF 717-200 Delta
D08 KTUL 717-200 Delta
D09 KSHV CRJ-900 Delta
D10 KMSN 717-200 Delta
D11 KMOB 717-200 Delta
D12 KOKC 717-200 Delta
D13 KLFT CRJ-900 Delta
D14 KOMA 717-200 Delta
D15 KDAY 717-200 Delta
D16 KJAN 717-200 Delta
D21 KCAE 717-200 Delta
D23 KXNA 717-200 Delta
D24 KFWA CRJ-200 Delta
D25 KABE CRJ-700 Delta
D26 KBMI CRJ-900 Delta
D27 KMEM 717-200 Delta
D28 KLIT 717-200 Delta
D29 KDAL 717-200 Delta
D30 KVLD CRJ-200 Delta
D31 KGSP 717-200 Delta
D32 KECP 717-200 Delta
D33 KTLH 717-200 Delta
D34 KVPS 717-200 Delta
D35 KGNV 717-200 Delta
D38 KLEX CRJ-200 Delta
D39 KMYR (3D) 717-200 Delta
D40 KCLT (3D) 717-200 Delta
D41 KHOU (3D) 717-200 Delta
D42 KMGM CRJ-200 Delta
D44 KGSO 717-200 Delta
D46 KHSV 717-200 Delta
Concourse E
Gate Destination Aircraft Livery Pilots
E01 CYYZ A320 Delta
E02 TIST 757-200 Delta @Capt_alexby
E03A SPJC (3D) 767-300 Delta
E04 TNCM 757-200 Delta @Capt_Duquan.Will
E05 TISX 737-800 Delta
E06 MMPR 737-900 Delta
E07 MMMX 737-800 Delta
E08 KSLC A330-300 Delta
E09 MPTO 737-800 Delta
E10 KDEN (3D) A330-300 Delta
E11 KSAN (3D) A330-300 Delta
E12 KSFO 767-300 Delta
E14 TXKF A319 Delta
E15 TJSJ A330-300 Delta
E16A MKJS A330-300 Delta
E17 MYNN 737-900 Delta
E18A LFPG (3D) A350 Delta
E26 MZBZ 737-800 Delta
E27A KLAS (3D) 767-300 Delta
E28 LMED (3D) 767-300 Delta
E29 TAPA 737-800 Delta
E30 EHAM (3D) A350 Delta
E31 MWCR 737-900 Delta
E32 KLAX (3D) A350 Delta @IF.Frankfurt
E33 MSLP 737-900 Delta
E34 MRLB 757-200 Delta
E35 MMSD A321 Delta
E36 PANC 767-300 Delta
Concourse F
Gate Destination Aircraft Livery Pilots
F01 LFTM 787-9 Turkish @Eemil_Skantsi
F02 EGLL A350-900 British Airways @Xx_THE_MAN_xX
F03A EHAM 777-300ER KLM
F04 LIRF A330-300 Delta
F05 PHNL A330-300 Delta
F06 RJTT A350-900 Delta @Capmcneil
F07 EDDF A330-300 Lufthansa
F08 OTHH A350-900 Qatar @Ethan_Brown
F09 LFPG A350-900 Air France
F10 EGCC A300-300 Virgin Atlantic @Oregon001
F12 RKSI 777-300ER Korean Air @Harrison_EGLL
F14 FAOR 777-200LR Delta @AviatorLewis


Please either quote the message and reply to this, or PM me which flight you want to take.

KATL Ground: @parin365
KATL Tower: @parin365
KATL ATIS: @parin365
KATL Departure:
Atlanta Center:


I am NOT responsible for any violations you may recieve during this event. Please follow ALL ATC instructions, and if ATC is not active, please use UNICOM wisely. Please maintain 5NM spacing between each takeoff. Please be patient as we are expecting it to be very busy. Please be patient with ATC and with other pilots, as a lot of planes will be departing at one time.

I would like to thank @Ethan_Brown and @HarrysAviation for helping me put together this awesome event. Also, huge shoutout to @FN60fps and @AviatorLewis for letting us use their picture for the banners.

If any virtual airlines want to sponsor this event, please let me know!


I will gladly take this one! 🤘

All signed up! Thanks for joining!

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Roger that 🤘

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This flight please

All signed up!

i can see the event time that you created in the start and the time of the event where you can say if you are going interested or not going (i forgot the name ) are different

and also the event say 1900z
which also does not match up with the other things

BO4 please :)

Ye I agree ; The event is at 8:30am for me even though 1900Z is 5am.

Is there any free gates for an A330 ?

If so could I get a gate to Rome on the Delta A330.

Gate A01 Please

Thanks for that. I changed it to the title one

Yep all changed to title one

I am going to change one of the Delta F gates to a Rome a330 for u. I set the -300 variant but if u want the neo just let me know

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Can I change a southwest gate to fly to RSW

Yes, I’ll sign u up!

@Callum_King @Avaitor1 @A10f4ang @AviatorEgcc

You guys are all signed up!

For the guy you put the wrong can you put the ICAO code for Rome LIRF because right now it still says that the route is to Seoul South Korea

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Just realized. Just changed it