09APR22/ 1730Z The Grand Denver Fly Out @ KDEN

Summary: Welcome to Denver international airport in Colorado USA. Denver is a major hub for United Southwest and Home to Frontier Airlines whose corporate headquarters are in Denver. We have not had a Denver event in IFC in quite some time so let’s bring Denver some love and have a great flyout.

Server: Expert
Event Type: Fly Out
Airport: KDEN Denver International Airport
Time: 1730Z (11:30 Mountian Time)

A Concourse
Gate Airline Dest ICAO Aircraft Pilot
32 Frontier KCMH A320-200
34 Frontier KLAS A320-200
36 Frontier KMCO A320-200
38 Frontier KPHX A320-200
40 Frontier KCLE A320-200
42 Frontier KTPA A320-200
27 Delta KDTW A321-200
29 Delta KATL B757-200
31 Delta KMSP B737-900
26 Delta KSEA B737-900
28 Delta KJFK B757-200
31W Air France LFPG B777-200ER
37 Lufthansa EDDF A350-900
41W British Airways EGLL B787-9
45W Icelandair BIKF B757-200
49 American KDFW A321-200
51 American KORD B737-800
53 American KMIA A321-200
50 American KCLT B737-800
B Concourse
Gate Airline Dest ICAO Aircraft Pilot
32 United PHNL B777-300ER
36 United PHOG B777-200ER
38 United PHKO B777-200ER
7 United KSFO B737-900
8 United KEWR B757-200
9 United KCMH A320-200
10 United PANC B737-800
11 United KMCO B757-200
12 United KDFW B737-900
15 United KLAS B757-200
17 United KSAT A320-200
18 United KAUS A320-200
18 United KHDN A320-200
20 United KBOI A320-200
22 United KBOS B737-900
31 United Express KSUN CRJ-700
35 United Express KPRC CRJ-700
80 United Express KASE CRJ-700
81 United Express KDSM CRJ-200
82 United Express KMAF CRJ-200
83 United Express KFAR CRJ-200
84 United Express KBIH CRJ-700
84 United Express KCOD CRJ-200
84 United Express KEUG CRJ-700
C Concourse
Gate Airline Dest ICAO Aircraft Pilot
23 Southwest KCMH B737-800
24 Southwest KBWI B737-800
25 Southwest KLAS B737-800
26 Southwest KMDW B737-700
27 Southwest KLAX B737-800
28 Southwest KSAN B737-700
29 Southwest MRLB B737-800
30 Southwest KMCO B737-800
31 Southwest KSEA B737-800
32 Southwest KHDN B737-700
23 Southwest KHOU B737-700
33 Southwest KDAL B737-800
34 Southwest KDAL B737-700
35 Southwest KCLT B737-700
36 Southwest KSFO B737-800
37 Southwest KATL B737-800
38 Southwest KMTJ B737-700
39 Southwest KGUC B737-700

Can I take C33 to Dallas Love Field

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may i have this flight?

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Can I have concourse A gate 26? Please and thank you!

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