09APR21 / 0900Z - 9th Flight of Goal Flying Air Mauritius Routes @ WSSS - FIMP

Flight MK647 is the 9th flight amongst the 22 flights required to complete my goal (fly every Air Mauritius A359 routes). Feel free to join me at any step in this adventure to achieve my goal.

Flight MK647 Details

Aircraft and Livery: Airbus A350-900 Air Mauritius

Route: WSSS - FIMP

Time of Departure: 0900Z - 2021-04-09T09:00:00Z

Flight time: 7h

Server: Expert

Additional Information:

  • Be professional at all time!
  • Spawn 5 to 10 minutes before departure time.
  • Copy flight plan from me (@Julien_Narayanasawmy with callsign Emirates 898VA).
  • Pushback is at your discretion.
  • Keep a spacing of 10-15 NM at cruise and 5 NM in between take-offs.
  • If you can’t fly the above route, you can still join me for a fly-out in any aircraft of your choice. (The more we are, the more fun we have)

Don’t forget to have fun and enjoy the view of the east coast of Mauritius while on approach!
Also, choose my destination for Sunday 11th April here.
Next flight is MK440 (FIMP - YPPH) at 2021-04-10T02:30:00Z. Stay tuned.

Departure in less than one hour now!
Thank you for joining me on this flight @Disheng_Zhang.
Here are the flight parameters:

Parameter Metric
Flight Level 36,000
Plan Distance 3,104 NM
Flight Time 6:36
Block Fuel 53,142 kgs
Passenger Count 308
Cargo Weight 11,600 kgs


<10000ft 10000ft to FL280 FL280 to cruise
2400VS at 250kts 1800VS at 320kts 1200VS at M0.85

Step Climp at waypoint SAKEG: FL380

Descent (use VNAV):

cruise to FL280 FL280 to 10000ft <10000ft
M0.85 300kts <250kts
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how much weight per passenger 100KG ? 0r 77KG

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That is at your discretion! :)

Hmm 100kg is too light also 770kg, also the fuel of the plane and passengers add together is I think is 45t

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I saw your message but it’s hiddened yes right 100Kg and half weight for cargo.

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Embarrassing spelling error 😂

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Yeah @Disheng_Zhang :\

btw I’m boarding my plane back to england.

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From where?

from thailand, I went tere to see my brother

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see you until I’m allowed on my laptop again

Ohh… have a safe flight my friend

thanks @Julien_Narayanasawmy

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Guys finnaly I’m in the air 35,000feet!

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oh no I forgot my camera!

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We too are in the air… but not at FL360 yet! lol

ok, lol! have a good light! I’m eating my snakes giving by th plane

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