08NOV20 / 2300Z - West Coast Adventure @ KSJC to KSEA

I am at San Jose California gate 19 heading up to Seattle if anyone wants to join me come stop on by

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Hi! This post is best suited for #live:groupflights! You should make a post there, and hopefully some people will come join you.

Yay thx for the help

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Hey, this flight sounds like a ton of fun! I’m quite interested, so would you mind putting the following information into your original topic so that I know what I’d be getting into? Thanks very much!

  • Aircraft and Livery: xxx
  • Route: KSJC - KSEA
  • Time of Departure: 2300Z
  • Server: xxx

Aircraft and Livery : SWA 737-800

  • Route : KSJC - KSEA
  • Time of Departure : 2300Z
  • Server : Training Server

Awesome, flight plan ready to copy? Spawning in now.

Yup there is

If anyone else wants to join send me a message Pm

Flight plan copied, ready to push when you are.

Ok let go have fun

Could one of you take screenshots of our flight @lucaviness or @Canadian_Aviator

Btw what is the cruising altitude?

I set mine to FL360

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I’m going around the airport for you @lucaviness

Chance to learn! Since the majority of our cruise will be 360-179 degrees to the east, let’s stick with an odd altitude like FL350. Read more about IFR Semi-Circular Rules in the User Guide section linked below!


What speed would you recommend

I’m waiting for you guys at 14,000

I’d personally recommend 250kts below 10,000ft, 292kts above 10,000ft, and M.78 during the cruise.

Ok perfect thx

I am holding steady at 300kts