08MAY22 / 1200Z - Birthday Flight @ ZBAA to ZGSZ

May 8th is a special day for me. My mom gave me birth on that day. So, for this year, let’s fly a monumental flight, from Beijing to Shenzhen. On this wonderful journey to Shenzhen, I met a friend. He is a American, we both love developing VO, so we created a VO, but I left the VO for many reasons. He taught me a lot, we often chat together. At here, I want to thank him because we made a beautiful memory together which I won’t forget in my whole life.
Thank you @Jackey_Fang
Thank you to everyone who helped me and made me grew up step by step!

  • Server:
    Expert Server
  • Time:
  • Route:
    ZBAA —> ZGSZ (Beijing to ShenZhen)
  • Aircraft / Livery:
    A330 / CA
    P.S. Everyone should use this Livery. No one will be franchised!


Use Airtable to sign up. Link’s below.

If you filled the IFC name wrong with a oops, It’s ok, do not sign up again. What you need to do, is to PM me via IFC.


Reply this thread with a smile :) , and your callsign

All the gates in this form are from T3C

Gate Pilot
GATE 337 @Simon_Guo1 Pilotage
GATE 336 @Kidlat
GATE 335 @AviatorJerry
GATE 334 @Aviator1
GATE 333 @Piggywu
GATE 332 @Black
GATE 300 N/A
GATE 328 N/A
GATE 326 N/A
GATE 324 N/A
GATE 322 N/A
GATE 320 N/A

Operated by SimonG

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Event time changed to 1200Z!

BROOOOO HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! Is it ok if you could also occupy a gate more me please, I would love to fly in this event, thank you so much! Again, I wish you a wonderful birthday once more.

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Thanks a lot! Your gate will be Gate 335. Your boarding pass will be available 1 hour before boarding time!

By the way, what’s ur callsign again?

My callsign would be D-JERY

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so its 12 zulu time right?

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Yes. You’ve signed up,

Oink, oink! Piggy’s coming! May I have GATE 333👀?


12 zulu time would be 8 am in Boston right?

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7am? You‘re in UTC-5 zone, so 12-5=7? Right?

Why not? Signed up successfully!


Another bug!
Event date is



I am enroute with @John_Wixk_jr be there about 30 before the event

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Roger, is @John_Wixk_jr coming?

Good morning Happy B-Day we are landing in about 19 minutes

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Roger that! Thanks for coming!

Boarding Passes’ve sent to your IFC!

Enter your game boys!

Cruising Alt FL391
Climb Profile 250/300/84
Cruising Speed 0.84
FPL copy from me!

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@Aviator1 Will your friend come? Is yes, dont let him taxi into others parking bay. Thanks!

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