08JUN21 / 1900Z- US East Takeover: FedEx Feeder Frenzy

Hello Pilots of Infinite Flight!

The US East IFATC Team would like to our first of weekly US East Takeovers! With this in mind, every event will be held on Tuesdays at 1900Z and will last until around 2100Z (subject to change as needed). So, without further ado, let’s see what this week has to offer!

Credits: @Andy_R

This week’s event takes place in the midwest and south as we get away from the Atlantic Ocean. This event is an excellent opportunity for our IFATC Controllers to explore new airports and allow you, the pilots, to explore the new airports as well, along with a smaller aircraft, the C208. While we don’t restrict you on the plane you use, we’d love to see the FedEx Feeder C208 in full force at all airports.


KMEM (Memphis)

Located in the Southwest Corner of Tennessee, Memphis is Fedex’s home when it comes to aviation. We open this airport with full service in order to transfer packages from larger fedex aircraft to your tiny Cessna 208.

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More about Memphis International

KMSY (New Orleans)

We go down south to the melting pot of New Orleans. We don’t need a large aircraft at this airport, but I’m sure the Crawfish for your grandma’s crawfish boil need a way to travel. Fly your C208 and take your crawfish passengers for a ride!

Expected Operations

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More about New Orleans Airport

KHSV (Huntsville)

Located south of Nashville right near the Alabama boarder, Huntsville is sure to be a new airport for most of us. This airport holds two parallel runway and is a constant feeder flight back to the hub of Memphis.

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More about Huntsville Airport

KCSG (Columbus, GA)

This smaller regional airport located in Western Georgia (the state, not the country) is a perfect airport for the Fedex Feeder to go explore. While a small airport, the approach and small airport feel is truly something amazing.

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More about Columbus Regional Airport

KCID (Cedar Rapids)

Off to the middle of nowhere. We got corn to deliver! This airport is literally in the cornfields of Iowa, but busy enough and this airport can become cargo madness.

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More about Eastern Iowa Airport

KDSM (Des Moines)

Lastly, the capital of Iowa. This airport can get fairly busy, so filling it up with our average aircraft and C208’s is surely going to be a sight.

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More about Des Moines Airport

Event Time: 2021-06-08T19:00:00Z2021-06-08T21:00:00Z


Ground: @IF_Aviation1
Tower: @IF_Aviation1
ATIS: @IF_Aviation1
Approach: @Rob_M
Departure: @Rob_M

Ground: @Nee
Tower: @Nee
ATIS: @Nee
Approach: @Saharsh
Departure: @Saharsh



Ground: @AviationReports
Tower: @AviationReports
ATIS: @AviationReports
Approach: @AviationReports

Ground: @ColtonS
Tower: @ColtonS
ATIS: @ColtonS
Approach: @Aaron.C
Departure: @Aaron.C

Centers from KIRK
Kansas City:

Centers from 2R0
Houston: @Rhys_V
Memphis: @Rhys_V
Atlanta: @Rhys_V
Jacksonville: @Rhys_V

Recommended Routes

This week, we won’t include recommended routes. Instead, our recommended aircraft is the Cessna 208 in the FedEx Feeder Livery. If the route doesn’t support the C208, hop in another FedEx aircraft and explore.

This event is run by IFATC, specifically the US East Team. Due to the event being on a Tuesday, any IFATC may join. Please PM @AviationReports in the Discord if you would like to join. As for pilots, thanks for joining, and we cannot wait to see you in your Cessna 208’s carrying your weekday cargo. Logo in the banner is approved by Tyler


Update! 1 airport remains unstaffed, 1 needs radar, and 2 centers are yet to be staffed. But, we have great controller turn out and can expect 5 airports and 4 centers to be opened.

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I‘ll be pilotIng FDX139 from Vancouver to KMEM, so that the Feeders can be fed. Departure is scheduled to be somwhrer between 1530z and 16:15z.

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Event kicks off in 40 minutes. If you are planning on flying into a destination from farther out, nows the time to get up and go!

Airport staffing is above.

I am open (3 USA Southern Centers) and live on IFATCLive!

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Wish I could have controlled hope this event is a success!

Thanks everyone for coming by! @FedExVirtual, appreciate the turnout from the VA.

We will probably be testing out these takeovers on Saturday to see turnout then and then go from there. Thanks again everyone as the event comes to a close.

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