08JUN20 / 2200Z - The first outer space event! @ SBMY

Introducing the very first outer space event. This event is about getting as many signups as possible.

Server: Casual Server

Airport: SBMY

Time: 2200Z

Aircraft: F22




Please follow @SahyaQFFlyer to get to space.

Thanks everyone!

Let’s make this possible by getting as many pilots to space at the same time.

Sign me up, thanks! ;)

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K I’ve signed u up see you there

Ahh why not sign me uo

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I’ve signed you up see you there

How is this going to work, exactly?

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So u spawn in, follow and do what I do, then at around 85,000ft nosedive, once you’ve flicked into the ground then wait and eventually it will yeeet u out of the earth

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Sounds fun! Sign me up

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Sign me up for this!

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@That_Guy14 @KTJ_Mitchell Ive signed both of you up see you there

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