08JUL22 / 1300Z - "What's Athen-in?!" Fly-Out @ LGAV

Hello everyone, welcome to another IFW event! Today we will be taking to the skies in the beautiful region of Athens! What’s Athen-in in Athens?! Well that’s all up to you guys! Come and book up a slot for this weeks fly-out! I hope you enjoy :)


Airport Information

Airport: Athens International Airport Eleftherios Venizelos [LGAV]

Date and Time: 2022-07-08T12:00:00Z2022-07-08T12:00:00Z

Gate Assignments

⬇️ Main Terminal [International Terminal] - 9 Gates remaining!

Gates Destination Aircraft Airline IFC Name
A13 London [LHR] 3D A320-200 British Airways @Se.Mal_aviation
A11 Oslo B737-800 Norweigan @IF.NORWAY
A09 Madrid 3D A321-200 Iberia
A07 Atlanta 3D A330-300 Delta
A05 New York [JFK] 3D B777-200ER American
A03 Singapore 3D B787-8 Scoot
A01 Philadelphia 3D B787-9 American
B03 Beijing [PEK] 3D A330-300 Air China
B05 Dubai 3D B777-300ER Emirates @Quacknanomous
B07 Istanbul 3D A321-200 Turkish Airlines
B09 Amsterdam 3D B737-900 KLM @J7_DTS
B11 Doha 3D B777-300ER Qatar Airways @Manav
B13 Paris [CDG] 3D A320-200 Air France
B15 Vienna 3D A321-200 Austrian
B17 Zurich 3D A220-300 Swiss @hectorlot

⬇️ Remote Stands - 14 Gates remaining!

Gates Destination Aircraft Airline IFC Name
B44 Kos A320-200 Aegean
B42 Thessaloniki A320-200 Aegean
B40 Barcelona A320-200 Aegean
B38 Frankfurt 3D A320-200 Lufthansa
B36 Beirut A320-200 MEA
B34 Corfu A320-200 Aegean
B32 Rome A320-200 Aegean
B30 Antayla B737-800 Pegasus @IFWorldwideYT
B31 Istanbul [SAW] B737-800 Pegasus
B33 Brussels 3D A320-200 Aegean
B35 Bologna A320-200 Aegean
B37 Tel Aviv B737-800 El-Al
B39 Larnarca 3D A320-200 Aegean @AndrewGraham
B41 Chania A320-200 Aegean
B43 Copenhagen 3D A320-200 SAS
B45 Warsaw 3D A320-200 Aegean

⬇️ Satellite Terminal [Ryanair Only] - 0 Gates remaining!

Gates Destination Aircraft Airline IFC Name
A46 Frankfurt 3D B737-800 Ryanair reserved for @Ryanair.Virtual
A44 London [STN] 3D B737-800 Ryanair reserved for @Ryanair.Virtual
A42 Dublin 3D B737-800 Ryanair reserved for @Ryanair.Virtual
A40 Berlin [BER] B737-800 Ryanair reserved for @Ryanair.Virtual
A41 Valletta B737-800 Ryanair reserved for @Ryanair.Virtual
A43 Vilinius B737-800 Ryanair reserved for @Ryanair.Virtual
A45 Bergamo B737-800 Ryanair reserved for @Ryanair.Virtual
A47 Tel Aviv B737-800 Ryanair reserved for @Ryanair.Virtual
A49 Krakow B737-800 Ryanair reserved for @Ryanair.Virtual

⬇️ South Remote Stands [EasyJet/Transavia/Wizz/Jet2/Eurowings] - 12 Gates remaining!

Gates Destination Aircraft Airline IFC Name
A40 London [LGW] 3D A320-200 EasyJet @Ikaika_Boi808
A42 Manchester 3D A320-200 EasyJet
A44 Berlin [BER] A320-200 Eurowings
A41 Naples A320-200 EasyJet
A43 Manchester 3D B737-800 Jet2 @RickysAviationYT
A45 Vienna 3D A321-200 Wizzair
A47 Geneva 3D A320-200 EasyJet
A49 Birmingham B737-800 Jet2
A50 Lyon B737-800 Transavia
A52 Larnarca 3D A321-200 Wizzair @Anthony_Stafford
A54 Leipzig A320-200 Eurowings
A56 Basel 3D A320-200 EasyJet
A58 Edinburgh 3D A320-200 EasyJet

If you would like to change your destination/aircraft, please DO NOT DM me, instead reply with the new aircraft/destination of your choice


For ATC Frequency(s) booking, please contact me through PM or comment under the post!

Atis Ground Tower Departure


  • Make sure to spawn in 10-15 mins prior to departure. Pushbacks will begin upon the event begining, make sure to spawn at correct gates as to avoid altercations.

  • If ATC is not present, make sure to use UNICOM proffesionaly and follow all rules of ATC server

  • Make sure to use ATC properly and BE PATIENT with ATC

  • Maintain Proffesionalism and realism at all times

  • We DO NOT take responsibility for any violations. You may try and appeal by messaging @appeals

  • Any arrivals MUST abide by Approach/Tower/ATC Rules at all times

Social Medias

Hey everyone! I will be streaming this event!, make sure to join in on YouTube and check out my socials here:





Creator: @IFWorldwideYT

Graphic Design: @IFWorldwideYT

Gate Table: @IFWorldwideYT

Event Banner: BBC.com

Presented By: @IFWorldwideYT

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The first of the weekly events! Make sure to come check it out ;)


I think I might be able to come, although I’ll be in Bali at the time.


i wish i could come but that’s 5am for me =\

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I’ll take the BA one to London also is it possible to change the aircraft to a 787-9 as they used to fly with that and I really wanna fly with a big plane not a narrow body

I thought you weren’t allowed to post your discord server links on the IFC. Are you allowed to now?


I can take GTS

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No I don’t think so. mine got removed


can I have this gate


Hello! Seems like a fun event! Would be happy to control it for Ground Tower and ATIS If possible.

IFATC Specialist - AVMEX


Awesome, would you like to reserve a gate?

Oh man, im sorry about that :( I’ll make the next one earlier ;)

Of course! You’re all booked up ;)

Sorry, but those are already taken, would you like to book departure or potentially a gate?

Can I please have ba a320 to london

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Gate: A11 - Airlines: Norwegian - To: Oslo Gardermoen

Sign me up ✈️😁🇳🇴

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Sign me up!
Gate B07 to LTFM a321

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Ofc, you’re all signed up!

@J7_DTS @IF.NORWAY You’re all signed up!

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Thanks sir

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