08JAN22 / 1900Z - The Epic Los Angeles Flyout @KLAX

Welcome to the Epic Los Angeles Flyout!

This event takes us to Los Angeles, also known as The City of Angels, which is the second-largest city in the United States! This major city also hosts the world’s third-busiest airport, Los Angeles International Airport, which offers a wide variety of airlines, aircraft, and destinations!

About Los Angeles International Airport

Los Angeles International Airport (IATA: LAX, ICAO: KLAX), commonly referred to as LAX, is the primary airport serving Los Angeles and its surrounding metropolitan area. Seeing over 88 million passengers in 2019 alone, this airport serves as a major international gateway to the United States, offering flights to over 40 different countries! With this amazing airport also being 3D in Infinite Flight, it is a great spot for an epic flyout!
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Event Information:

Date & Time: 2022-01-08T19:00:00Z
Event Type: Flyout
Server: Expert
Airport: KLAX



Be aware of your surroundings at all times while on the ground and in the air
If IFATC is present, ensure to properly follow every instruction given; if IFATC is not present, make sure to respectfully use the Unicom frequency
Maintain a safe distance with the aircraft around you (minimum of 3nm and 1000ft below 10000ft)
Last but not least, HAVE FUN!


Frequency Controller
Ground -
Tower -
Departure -


Terminal 1 (10 Gates Remaining)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination ICAO Pilot
09 Southwest Airlines 737-800 Baltimore KBWI -
11A Southwest Airlines 737-700 San Francisco KSFO @Usalypd
11B Southwest Airlines 737-800 Las Vegas KLAS -
12A Southwest Airlines 737-800 Phoenix-Sky Harbor KPHX -
13 Viva Aerobus A320 Guadalajara MMGL -
15 Allegiant Air A320 Bellingham KBLI -
16 Viva Aerobus A320 Monterrey MMMY -
17A Southwest Airlines 737-800 Honolulu PHNL -
17B Southwest Airlines 737-700 Houston-Hobby KHOU @CaptainKyler
18A Southwest Airlines 737-700 Oakland KOAK -
18B Allegiant Air A320 Springfield KSGF @Wrigley

Terminal 2 (10 Gates Remaining)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination ICAO Pilot
21 Delta Air Lines E170 San Francisco KSFO -
21B WestJet 737-800 Vancouver CYVR -
22 Delta Air Lines CRJ-700 San Diego KSAN -
23 Delta Air Lines E170 Sacramento KSMF -
23A Delta Air Lines CRJ-700 Tucson KTUS -
24 Delta Air Lines CRJ-900 Salt Lake City KSLC -
24A WestJet 737-700 Calgary CYYC -
25 Delta Air Lines E170 Portland KPDX -
26 Delta Air Lines E170 Albuquerque KDEN -
27 Delta Air Lines CRJ-900 Denver KDEN @SoulSpy
28 Aeromexico 737-700 Mexico City MMMX @Kevin_Jarvio

Terminal 3 (8 Gates Remaining)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination ICAO Pilot
30 Delta Air Lines 757-200 Atlanta KATL @travelingcornstalk
31A Delta Air Lines 737-900 Seattle KSEA @RealLukejw
31B Delta Air Lines A321 Minneapolis KMSP -
32 Delta Air Lines A330-900neo Boston KBOS @CaptainE
33A Delta Air Lines A220-300 Seattle KSEA @Delta21
33B Delta Air Lines 737-900 Orlando KMCO @AviationJack
34 Delta Air Lines 737-800 Los Cabos MMSD -
35 Delta Air Lines 737-900 Cancun MMUN -
36 Delta Air Lines 757-200 San Jose MROC @Brayan.Orellana
37A Delta Air Lines 757-200 Kahului PHOG @KSM_King_Storm
38 Delta Air Lines A321 Detroit KDTW @Toukaneki
39 Delta Air Lines 767-300 New York-JFK KJFK -

TBIT (4 Gates Remaining)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination ICAO Pilot
130 Air France 777-300ER Paris LFPG @Ben_Murray
131 Qantas 787-9 Sydney YSSY @FlyEurope
132 Iberia A330-300 Madrid LEMD @Zaid_Nasri
133 Cathay Pacific 777-300ER Hong Kong VHHH @Golf_HR
134 Emirates A380-800 Dubai OMDB @Neman_Rahmani
135 SWISS 777-300ER Zurich LSZH @Jukker
137 Volaris A319 Guadalajara MMGL -
139 Volaris A319 San Jose MROC -
141 Volaris A319 Mexico City MMMX -
148 Saudia 777-300ER Jeddah OEJN @LordTare
150 Emirates A380-800 Dubai OMDB @Infinite_Josh
151 Copa Airlines 737-800 Panama City MPTO -
152 Qantas A330-300 Melbourne YMML @DuncanNL
153 Saudia 777-300ER Jeddah OEJN @HUMVEE
154 Air Tahiti Nui 787-9 Papeete NTAA @Tom_Jennings
155 Korean Air 777-300ER Seoul RKSI @FlyIf_0011IFPA
156 SWISS 777-300ER Zurich LSZH @alen_rgb
157 Singapore Airlines A350-900 Singapore WSSS @LongHaulGuy
159 Qantas 787-9 Sydney YSSY @Olegend049

Terminal 4 (12 Gates Remaining)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination ICAO Pilot
40 American Airlines A321 New York-JFK KJFK -
41 American Airlines 787-9 Philadelphia KPHL @Lachlanavitor
42A American Airlines A321 Chicago-O’Hare KORD -
42B American Airlines A321 Charlotte KCLT -
43 American Airlines 777-300ER Miami KMIA @KASON009
45 American Airlines A321 Boston KBOS -
46A American Airlines 737-800 Puerto Vallarta MMPR -
46B American Airlines 737-800 Los Cabos MMSD -
46C American Airlines A320 Mexico City MMMX -
47A American Airlines A321 Washington-Reagan KDCA -
47B American Airlines 737-800 Austin KAUS -
48A American Airlines A321 Phoenix-Sky Harbor KPHX @popetristan
48X American Airlines 787-9 Dallas-Fort Worth KDFW @Fvp837
49A American Airlines 737-800 Denver KDEN @AndrewGraham

Terminal 5 (11 Gates Remaining)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination ICAO Pilot
50A Spirit Airlines A320 Puerto Vallarta MMPR -
50B Spirit Airlines A320 Chicago-O’Hare KORD -
51A Spirit Airlines A320 Louisville KSDF -
51B Spirit Airlines A321 New York-LGA KLGA -
52A JetBlue Airways A320 San Francisco KSFO @AlaskaAirlines_17
52B JetBlue Airways A320 Buffalo KBUF @Javiation_491
53A JetBlue Airways A321 Boston KBOS @BeaNeilson29
54A JetBlue Airways A220-300 New York-JFK KJFK @Ritesh321
55 JetBlue Airways A321 Miami KMIA -
56 JetBlue Airways A320 Cancun MMUN -
57 American Eagle CRJ-700 El Paso KELP -
58 American Eagle CRJ-700 San Antonio KSAT -
59 American Eagle CRJ-900 Phoenix-Sky Harbor KPHX -

Terminal 6 (11 Gates Remaining)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination ICAO Pilot
60 Alaska Airlines A320 Portland KPDX -
61 Alaska Airlines 737-800 Seattle KSEA @Macmillan
62 Air Canada A321 Toronto CYYZ -
63 Alaska Airlines 737-900 Liberia MRLB -
64 Alaska Airlines 737-900 Cancun MMUN -
65A Alaska Airlines 737-900 San Jose MROC @NuggetFornia
65B Alaska Airlines A320 Washington-Reagan KDCA -
66 Alaska Airlines 737-800 Washington-Dulles KIAD -
67 Alaska Airlines 737-900 Boston KBOS -
68A Alaska Airlines 737-900 New York-JFK KJFK -
69A Alaska Airlines 737-900 Tampa KTPA -
69B Air Canada A321 Vancouver CYVR -

Terminal 7 (10 Gates Remaining)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination ICAO Pilot
70A United Airlines 737-900 San Francisco KSFO @Francesco_Taparelli1
70B United Airlines A320 Los Cabos MMSD -
71A United Airlines 737-800 Guatemala City MGGT -
71B United Airlines 737-900 Washington-Dulles KIAD -
72 United Airlines 757-200 Denver KDEN -
72B United Airlines 737-900 Baltimore KBWI -
73 United Airlines 737-900 Boston KBOS -
74 United Airlines 737-800 Washington-Reagan KDCA -
75A United Airlines 757-200 Denver KDEN @jxyd_xn
75B United Airlines 737-900 Orlando KMCO -
76 United Airlines 787-9 Chicago-O’Hare KORD -
77 United Airlines 767-300 Newark KEWR -

Terminal 8 (9 Gates Remaining)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination ICAO Pilot
80 United Airlines 737-900 Houston-Intercontinental KIAH @miketangoasu
81 United Airlines A320 Puerto Vallarta MMPR -
82 United Airlines 737-800 Hilo PHTO -
83 United Airlines A320 Phoenix-Sky Harbor KPHX -
84 United Airlines 737-800 San Jose MROC -
85 United Airlines 737-900 Kahului PHOG @Flying_Ryan
86A United Express CRJ-700 Aspen KASE -
87 United Express CRJ-700 San Diego KSAN -
88 United Express CRJ-700 Bozeman KBZN -

If you would like to use a different aircraft or fly a route that isn’t listed here, feel free to suggest it below and I’d be happy to change the gate for you!

I hope you enjoy this event! If you have any comments or suggestions, please feel free to leave them for me down below!


Could I have this one please?

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Call sign Qantas 993

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Of course! You’re all set, thanks for signing up!

No problem

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This one please

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You know it’s gonna be a good event with @Dylan.Winklosky hosting! Anyways, can I get a Singapore Airlines A350 down to Singapore please?

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@FlyIf_0011IFPA you’re all set, thanks for joining!

@LongHaulGuy that makes me very happy to hear, thanks! And of course, I’ll sign you up now! :)


Can I have this gate and route. Also, is it possible to fly the A330-900NEO instead of the 757?

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Sure! I’ll sign you up and switch the aircraft, thanks for joining!

This please.

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Can I pick this one up?

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can i get the 777 to Miami terminal 4 gate 43

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@jxyd_xn @BeaNeilson29 @KASON009 you are all set, thanks for signing up!

Can I have this gate please

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Hello :) , Can I have Terminal 3
36 Delta Air Lines 757-200 San Jose MROC

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T2 G28 Please

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Hi! Could I have a gate to YMML in the Qantas A330-300 because the other flights are too short because I have to wake up at 6am then. Callsign will be Qantas 94 Heavy.

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Hi, May I please take this route?

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I will take this flight as SAUDIA 057VA

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