08JAN22 / 1100Z - Singapore to Sydney @WSSS to YSSY

Group flight


Aircraft: A350 Singapore

Date and time: 8th January 2022 11:00 AM UTC

Gates: E1 - E10

Server: Expert

Flight details

Departure runway: 02L

Arrival Runway: 07

Cruising Altitude: 37,000

Mach 0.84

Speed Below 10,000: 250knots

VS below 10,000: 2500

Speed above 10,000: 315knots

VS above 10,000: 3000

Step Climbs: 38,000 after 2hours into the flight,

climb 40,000FT 2hours after climbing to 38,000

Spacing: Minimum spacing 5NM, 1000FT

Follow instructions above for a smooth flight

Fuel: 59,335KG

PAX: 300

Cargo: 10,003Kg

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