08JAN21 / 2200Z - ModernAviator & InfiniteArya Present: Connecting Two Ends! @EGLL - RCTP

Hey There! This is a collaboration that Arya (InfiniteArya) and Imaad (ModernAviator) have been trying to accomplish for ages now. So with no more waiting, we bring to you, the next edition of a YouTuber Group Flight! What better way to celebrate this than to connect ModernAviator’s hometown (London) to a place that InfiniteArya can’t wait to travel to (Taipei)!

This group flight will also be graced by the presence of Rishi (@PocketRishi), our Infinite Flight inspiration!

With no more rambling, let’s unveil the details! We hope to see you there :)

Event Information -

Route: EGLL (London Heathrow) - RCTP (Taiwan Taoyuan)
Flight Time: 12 Hours
Aeroplane/Fleet: Boeing 777-300ER OR Boeing 777 Freighter OR Airbus 380
Hosts: @modernaviator & @aryachopra
Airline: British Airways OR Eva Air
Server: Expert Server
Departure & Arrival Time: 2021-01-08T22:00:00Z2021-01-09T10:00:00Z

YouTube Channels & Additional Links -

Find our YouTube Channels below! We will be making individual time-lapses of this flight’s event highlights’ after it is flown.

Find InfiniteArya’s Discord Server below! By joining, you can be informed of future group flights and events just like this one.

Gates -

If demand increases, the gates will increase too to satisfy :)

At London Heathrow :

Gate Number IFC Username Airline & Aircraft
Terminal 5C Gate 552 @aryachopra Eva Air B77F
Terminal 5C Gate 553 @modernaviator Eva Air B77F
Terminal 5C Gate 554 @samory167 British Airways B77W
Terminal 5C Gate 555 @Sanchayan_chakma Eva Air B77W
Terminal 5C Gate 556 @Agenor_ROUPIE_SAFRON British Airways B77W
Terminal 5C Gate 557 @Fat_Albert_512 British Airways B77W
Terminal 5C Gate 563 @anon57312879 Eva Air B77W
Terminal 5C Gate 564 @Jermaine_Edwards2 British Airways B77W
Terminal 5C Gate 565 @Levi_Park British Airways B77W
Terminal 5C Gate 566 @PocketRishi

In Taipei, everyone parks in order of landing. Follow @modernaviator or @aryachopra and park around where we do.

Navigation Details -

Copy the Flight Plan from either @modernaviator or @aryachopra.

Climb, Cruise & Descent:

Cruising Altitude: FL360
Climb Profile: 245/315/0.85
Descent Profile: 0.85/315/245

To reserve a gate: write (or quote) the gate number, aircraft number and the airline you choose to use.


PS: Rate our event from 1 - 10 (1 being ‘abysmal’ and 10 being ‘this is the best one yet!’)

Choose and I hope you liked our event!
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I’ll take the Eva Air B77F too (if you don’t mind)

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Sign up here!

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I’ll take the British airways b777 please.


Check your gate :)

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Can i have a gate please and I’ll take the eva 777W
And a suggestion from me most of the players are on expert so i think we should go to expert


I agree with you :) I have made that change. Gate assigned too.

I’ll try my best to attend but I may have other plans that clash with the date and time so I’ll get back to you.

I have a quick question about the time though, will everyone be departing at the same time because the departure time set above is with a 12 hour gap.

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Good Catch! I have rectified the error. Hope you can attend :)

I’ll like to sign up for this group flight please

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What flight will you use?

You mean the plane ?

Yeah. Like Airline and fleet

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OK, so the aircraft I’ll be using is the B777-300er, British Airways livery, and I’ll have gate 556 please

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And where will the flight plan be ? ( first time doing group flights, sorry )

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You can copy of the fpl from either me or Arya

That’s cool; You have to click on either @modernaviator or my flight and then click on copy FPL. It will automatically do it. (ON THE DAY OF THE FLIGHT)

Ok, thanks a lot !

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More People, Sign Up Now!

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Can I kindly have gate 566?! Will be using BA B777-300. Hope I don’t have to change my callsign.

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