08FEB21 / 1700Z - Welcome to the new moderator! @KATL-KDCA


Welcome everyone to this event, this event is a group flight because @Drummer is a new moderator for the IFC! So I created this event! The flight will be KATL-KDCA! Hope to see you at this event.

Flight details

The route will be KATL-KDCA the aircraft will be A321 Delta livery the flight plan will be created by @BritishAirways001 and our altitude will be FL380 and the speed will be M0.79, the server will be EXPERT hope you join!


Gate Pilot Aircraft Livery
T01 @BritishAirways001 A321 Delta
T02 @Drummer A321 Delta
T03 @MJP_27 A321 Delta
T04 @USA_ATC A321 Delta
T05 @Nee A321 Delta
T06 @Pilot_Felix A321 Delta
T07 @GamingWithMax A321 Delta

Gates will be added if all gates are full!


Where’s the climb profile, cruise speed, server and FPL? What’s so special about this flight? I get @Drummer got recently promoted but this flight would be no different with or without him, unless he helped create this event.

Anyways, let the topic I’ve linked below help realistic operations happen at DCA, considering the 757 is a bit large and runway overruns wouldn’t look too good.

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Please tell me the exact time and server

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This looks like fun. I hope that I don’t see any straight in approaches for runway 19


The time is 1700 zulu

That is when the flight will start but I will add that soon

You should at least the speed and server ASAP.

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Don’t you live near to BWI though? Lol

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I PM @Drummer before I created the event 😂

I live in between both airports

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The aircraft is now B737

I think it might be best to do Delta A321 as that’s used the most for this route

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I’ll join! This gate please!

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New aircraft and livery A321 Delta!

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You got that gate!

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Ill take a gate :) Any thing u want to throw at me.

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I’m in. I don’t know if y’all already took off but I’m here at E7.

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I believe departure time is in about 45 minutes

That is true

Oh ok. And also do I need to change gates?