08DEC20 / 0100Z - Flash Flight: Civil Aviation Day! @ PHKO

Join us for another Flash Flight as we celebrate International Civil Aviation Day! We’ll be flying the ever trusty C172, making it a rare general aviation flash flight! Did you know that civil aviation encompasses all non-military aviation? This event will include a VFR routing found below, so make sure you familiarise yourself with the geography before departing!

This event will be led by our moderation team, with @DeerCrusher, @tomthetank, and @JoshFly8 at the front of the pack, so make sure to listen out for their ATC communication when it is time to taxi.

This event is a VFR flight. To learn allow about VFR navigation, head to our user guide! Right of way is also very important when flying VFR. Check out a helpful guide below!

These events can lead to amazing photos, so post your best screenshots on Instagram or Twitter and tag us for a chance to have one featured on our social media pages. Simply tag us using @infiniteflight, or use hashtags #infiniteflight and #flashflight. We look forward to seeing all your amazing photos!

Event Specifics

Server: Expert
Aircraft: C172
Livery: Any

Flight Time: 1h50m
Fuel: Max

SID: n/a
STARs: n/a
APP: Visual approach any runway (ATC assigned)


This route is a VFR flight. From PHKO head north to Kaho‘olawe. From there head west, overflying Lanai and the southern tip of Maunaloa. Then head direct to PHNL.

Event Hours:

Begin - Tuesday 8th December @ 01:00 ZULU

End - Tuesday 8th December @ 03:00 ZULU

December 8, 2020December 8, 2020


This is great! I think I might come!

Yayayayayay, Kona is the best, am I right? @NoahM


You are definitely not wrong 😏

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8PM EST? Darn I need to sleep on that time sorry


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This flash flight has caught my interest

I wish I could join but the time doesn’t work for me.

1AM local time + I have a school test tomorrow…

Nah - soz mods me cannae come :)

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No! One of the best flash flights, and I can’t attend!
Have fun everyone

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this is amazing! I’ve never been to a flash flight before, definitely coming

Seems like a blast. I plan on attending. If anyone would like to plan a “flight of” rules flight (formation) feel free to PM me! I’ll try and get a group and we can plan it. :)

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Sheesh this ends at 4am for me. I’ll try to attend

Great! A GA flash flight

GA flash flight, wooo!

“Wheels up”

Ah yes the perfectly capable thing for my 172. Unless it’s referring to just being in the air.

Sadly can’t join as it is too late in the night when I have school next day. Will be landing in Honolulu at this exact time though… god help me…

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If you land hard enough anything is possible.

Also, yes, it is just an aviation term for the departure time

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About 50 of you will start, and about 3 will end. Place your bets 😂

Can’t wait I’m joining from Australia

Today also marks 79 years since the bombing of Pearl Harbor. Aloha from Hawaii!