08AUG20 / 1815Z - Casual Overnight Flight @ KSFO to WSSS

  • Aircraft and Livery: Singapore Airlines A350 / 787X / 787-9 / A380

  • Route: San Francisco (KSFO) To Singapore (WSSS)

  • Time of Departure: 7:15 PM GMT +1

  • Server: Training

  • **Additional Information:**Spawn In At The Tom Bradley Terminal, Then Copy My Flight Report and choose your own departures/arrival procedures

Speeds For Flight: 0 ft to FL100 - 245 Knots | FL110 to FL250 - 320 knots | FL260 to FL380 - Mach 0.84

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Mach .87 is kinda fast for the aircraft mentioned… Mach .79 to .82 (Max .85) is the norm for those

Also don’t even try training server if you’re departing LAX it’s choas

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changed it to mach 0.84… should we depart SFO instead?

Yes I think you should

ok i will :)

i have made my flight plan,
now waiting for you guys at SFO

Hey @CaptainCameronYT I would recommend creating group flights/ events on the expert server.

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