08AUG20/1800Z - Some East Coast Love! - Huge KCLT Flyout

Hello all and welcome to the Great KCLT Flyout! Why KCLT you ask? Well, KCLT has so many destinations from a short regional flight to Atlanta to a nice long haul to Munich. KCLT certainly has flights for everyone. In my opinion, KCLT is really underrated and is looked over by airports like KJFK and KLAX. They both serve similar routes! So I definitely encourage you to join me for a great adventure out of KCLT!

This event will take place 2020-08-08T18:00:00Z
If IFATC is present, listen and obey all rules given by ATC. I am not responsible for any violations received during this event. If IFATC is not present, please use Unicom correctly and responsibly. Make this a great first event!

A little about KCLT

Terminal Map

Commercial Gates
More gates will be added if needed

Concourse A (A21-A29)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
A21 United E170 KIAH
A25 United CRJ-700 KIAD
A27 United E170 KEWR
A23 United E170 KORD
A29 Spirit A320 KFLL
A28 Frontier A320 KDEN
Concourse A (A1-A13)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
A1 Delta B717 KATL
A3 Delta E170 KDTW
A5 Delta B717 KMSP @Butter_Boi
A7 Delta CRJ-900 KJFK
A9 Delta B738 KSLC
A11 Delta CRJ-700 KCVG
A12 American A319 KAUS
A10 American A319 KBOS
A8 American B738 KBUF @Johhhn
A6 American A321 KDEN
A4 American A321 KMCO
A2 American B738 KIAH
Concourse B
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
B1 American A321 KBWI
B3 American B738 KORD @ORD777flyer
B5 American A319 KCLE
B7 American A321 KDFW
B9 American A319 KDTW
B11 American A321 KFLL
B13 American B738 KRSW
B15 American A320 KIAH
B16 American A319 KIND
B14 American B738 KJAX
B12 American A320 KMCI
B10 American A321 KLAS
B8 American A321 KLAX @ThomasThePro
B6 American A320 KMEM
B4 American B738 KMIA
B2 American B738 KMSP @Alexian61
Concourse C
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
C3 American A319 KMYR
C5 American A319 KEWR
C7 American B738 KJFK
C9 American A320 KLGA
C11 American A321 KMCO
C13 American A320 KPHL
C15 American A320 KRDU @KSS
C17 American A320 KRIC
C19 American A319 KSTL
C18 American A321 KSFO
C16 American B738 KSAN
C14 American A319 KSAV
C12 American A321 KSEA
C10 American A320 KIAD
C8 American A319 KDCA
C6 American A321 KPBI
C4 American A319 KILM @Mark_Eatman
C2 American A319 KDAB
Concourse D (International Terminal)
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
D1 Volaris A320 MMGL
D2 American A320 MMUN
D3 American A319 MMMX
D5 American A321 MYNN
D7 Air Canada CRJ-900 CYYZ
D9 American A319 TNCM
D11 American B789 EDDF
D13 American B773 EGLL
D12 Lufthansa A350 EDDM
D10 American B738 MYEH
D8 American B738 MMCZ
D6 American A321 MKJS
Concourse E
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
E1 American Eagle CRJ-700 KCAK
E2 American Eagle CRJ-200 KROA @USA_ATC
E3 American Eagle CRJ-900 KABE
E5 American Eagle CRJ-900 KAVL
E5A American Eagle CRJ-900 KATL
E7 American Eagle CRJ-700 KBTR @GameBoy_KIRB
E9 American Eagle CRJ-900 KBHM
E11 American Eagle CRJ-700 KCHA
E13 American Eagle CRJ-700 KCLE
E15 American Eagle CRJ-700 KTYS
E17 American Eagle CRJ-700 KTRI
E19 American Eagle CRJ-900 KDAB @NYFLFlyer22
E18 American Eagle CRJ-200 KCVG
E16 American Eagle CRJ-700 KLEX
E21 American Eagle CRJ-900 KSDF
E23 American Eagle CRJ-900 KMYR
E25 American Eagle CRJ-900 KSTL
E27 American Eagle CRJ-900 KMEM
E29 American Eagle CRJ-900 KSRQ
E31 American Eagle CRJ-700 KIAD
E33 American Eagle CRJ-900 KPIT
AAVA Reserved Gates
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
West Hardstand T1 American A321 KDFW
West Hardstand T2 American A321 KMCO
West Hardstand T3 American A320 KORD
West Hardstand T4 American B738 KEWR
West Hardstand T5 American A319 KLGA
West Hardstand T6 American A319 KATL
West Hardstand T7 American A320 KBWI
West Hardstand T8 American A320 KPHL
West Hardstand T9 American A321 KPHX
West Hardstand T10 American Pilots Choice Pilots Choice
West Hardstand T11 American Pilots Choice Pilots Choice
West Hardstand T12 American Pilots Choice Pilots Choice

Cargo Gates
More gates will be added if needed

FedEx Apron
Gate Airline Aircraft Destination Pilot
FedEx Apron 1 FedEx KMEM B777-200F
FedEx Apron 2 FedEx KATL B777-200F
FedEx Apron 3 FedEx KEWR B777-200F
FedEx Apron 4 FedEx KLAX MD-11F

If you would like a different destination and/or aircraft, just let me know and I will accommodate!

I am happy to say that this event is sponsored by American Virtual

Welcome to American Virtual


Website | Apply | Instagram

Welcome to American Virtual, where we strive to maintain the perfect balance between a professional and a friendly environment. In our ranks, there are real-world student pilots, commercial pilots, and everything in between. Our slack is also laden with IFATC members, IFAE pilots, and IFVARB members thus making it the optimal learning experience. We inculcate integrity, discipline, and knowledge into our pilots, as we honor our slogan- Going For Great. We offer one of the most comprehensive route databases in the virtual airline community. That, coupled with our diverse fleet of 13 aircraft and a manifold of liveries, you will not be bored.

As this is my first event, I want to make it a great one. If you can, please sign up and let’s show CLT some love! Thanks to all and I hope to see you!



Can I get this gate please?

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of course! I will put you in :) thanks for signing up! can’t wait to see you there!

CLT realism fuzz here, Air Canada actually operates out of the new Concourse A. American is bringing 772 service to LHR and FRA and Lufthansa uses an A359 instead of a A333.

Delta doesn’t serve Newark
DL CLT CVG is used on the RJ2
DL CLT MSP is a 712
DL CLT JFK is a RJ9 or E175

Just some suggestions to make things a little more realistic. Timing doesn’t work out for me unfortunately, but much thanks for showing my hometown some love


thank you I will fix these problems,
the only reason I did t use any erj is because we don’t have the American livery.

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Nope, Volaris is always at D. Never seen or heard of it at A.

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Hey man for the A321 flight up to ORD do you think I can use a 737-800 please or no

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Opps my apologies. I’ll trust your local knowledge than!

of course! I’ll put you in

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I’ll take B8 Thanks :)

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you got it! I will see you there :))

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Alright thank you man so much!!!

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Can I take the Delta 717 to KMSP please? I love having an event at my home airport!

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of course!

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Thank you so much!

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thank you for coming!

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I’ll take this one, please

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of course! I’ll get you in !! :)

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Can I take gate E7

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I’ll be more than happy to give you it! thanks for signing up!