08AUG20/1800Z - Pattern work at Danbury @KDXR

Join me for some pattern work/touch and goes at Danbury (KDXR) for a bit!

Aircraft: Any GA plane

Location: Danbury Municipal Airport (KDXR):

Time: Next hour or so

Server: Expert

Should be a good time, I’m just getting prepared for tomorrow’s GA theme with ATC! Just spawn in at Danbury and do some patterns and touch and goes. Hope to see you there!

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Hi @Captain-787!

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Nice Group-Flight!

Sorry for being that person, but you have to make your title according to the #live:groupflights category rules: About The GroupFlights Category

@TheAviationGallery @Stellar_G thanks, I’ll change that. I tought that format was just for the #live:events category.

I might hop by in about an hour

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Cool, there is no set time for the end, you can just show up for a bit do some patterns and be on your way! I might not even be there for the whole time.

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@Captain-787 I just spawned in

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Ok, I’ll spawn in as well

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Sorry man I gotta go, I’ll be at Danbury tomorrow though flying some patterns :)

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