08AUG20 / 1000Z This Week! - Vol. 01 - The Garden State Fly-out @ YMML

Yes I know, just too excited oof… sorry

I wish I could join. Its at 6AM in the morning for me. Hopefully the next flyout will have a more suitable time like 0100z or something like that.

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Sorry I can’t come anymore

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still quite a long time till the event but i am bumping this up just in case :)

Bumping this up again but I don’t think people will join due to pocket rishi event :( but it’s fine

I was hoping for some in mine as well:(

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Reminder: Event will be in 2 weeks!

I dont think anybody will join but it wont be cancelled anyways

I am desperate :( lol

Part 2 (Vol. 02) will be announced later on August 1. Next event will most likely be at 1SEP20 1200Z

Hey mate, probably won’t be able to make it, sorry :(

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Hey Guys! Gate Are Still OPENED! Sign up! Bump

How do I sign up

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Just tell me any gate :)

so will you be joining?

bumping the thread up too

Gate C03 please

Sure thing sir! U will be going to Queenstown on JetStar A320 :)

I will take United to LAX or SFO UD30WW

Sure thing too sir!

Can u change my gate to D05 please

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I want to change to gate D05 please

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your already changed :)

Thank you bro