08AUG20 / 0215Z - Across the Plains @ CYYC to CYUL

Current Attendees - 3

Hi all! I’m hosting another fun little group flight! This flight takes us across the Canadian Plains from Calgary, a clean, friendly city to Montreal, home of Bombardier’s Headquarters.



Flight Time: 3 Hours, 45 Minutes

Time: 2020-08-08T02:15:00Z-2020-08-08T06:00:00Z

Aircraft: A321-200 Air Canada

Route: CYYC to CYUL (Copy my FPL)

I will invite attendees who reply below to a group PM for more information!

I would, but timezones… 😐
Maybe next time?

Sure thing! I’m starting to make more group flights in the next coming weeks

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I would totally join but it would be too late for me.
Definitely next time tho!

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wrong thread xD

I’ll take a gate

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Great! I’ll invite you to a PM 30 minutes before hand!

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Ok sounds good

I’ll come because I don’t sleep!

Makes perfect sense, you’ll be sent an invite soon

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Hi all! Delaying 15 minutes due to another event!

Departure in 15 minutes!

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