08APR23| The Fort Lauderdale Flyout DEPARTED

thank you everyone for yet another amazing event!! 😄


Looking forward to the stunning views on my route

I’ll share photos later!

@Mr_A1B3RT Thanks again for ATC

Everyone who joined, thanks for attending, have safe flights and dont forget to share spam pictures!!


Im having connection issues looks like

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Off to Wilmington! Already loving my first flight with Avelo and thank you @United403 for this fun event!

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Make sure to go check out my other 6 events with more coming soon!

Cruising over the Atlantic


Just passing 27,000 on my way to FL340

Appreciated it

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Ummm, is there a ground stop?

to pass the time, here are some Peanuts and pretzels 🥜🥨

Roger that 🥨

@Flyin.Hawaiian, hellooo, you there?

He was standing by

So do I go behind him or go on the other taxiway?

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Imagine not going to the southern coast rn 🥱

Imagine not having a parallel departure 🥱

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Me who unexpectedly did 😏

Same here, I was wishing for one, this will make for some nice shots 😃