08APR23 - 17APR23 / The Great Spring Break Tour

Hey everyone! I’m back with yet another IFC event! This time, we will be going on a tour during spring break. Here’s some more information:

Our journey begins at the small but mighty Philadelphia International Airport on April 8, and will end on April 17 at either Singapore Changi, Sydney, or LAX. *Check the bottom of the post for itinerary and aircraft…

Server: Training

Airport: Starting airport KPHL, check bottom of post for full itinerary.

Time: Philadelphia Airport will open @ 1:00 PM Local Time. Event starts @ 1:30 PM.
Final flight will start at an undecided time.


Day 1: KPHL - KMIA | B737/738/739, B752, A319/320/321 | American Airlines only (Spirit, American, United, etc.)
Day 2: KMIA - LEMD | A333, A359 | Iberia
Day 3: LEMD - LGAV | A320, A321 | Aegean, Iberia, Air Europa
Day 4: LGAV - LTFM | Any narrow-body Turkish Airlines
Day 5: LTFM - OMAA | B738 (Flydubai), B77W (Turkish), A320 (Etihad)
Day 6: OMAA - RJTT | B78X (Etihad), A343 (Etihad)
Day 7: RJTT - YPPH | B789 (JAL/Qantas), B762 (Qantas), B772 (ANA), B77W (ANA), B788 (JetStar)
Day 8: YPPH - YSSY | Any Qantas/JetStar
Day 9* YSSY - KBOS | A388 (Qantas), B789 (Qantas, American, United), A333 (Delta, Qantas), A39N (A339neo)(Delta), B78X (United), A359 (Delta, United)

*This is a VERY long route, so max out your fuel right before line up (hold short point). Quad-engine aircraft are to keep engines 1 and 4 OFF until at hold short point.

*Due to this being a tour, gate assignments will only be provided for Philly and Boston.

Sounds very interesting. Will definitely be there.

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Air Europa and Iberia also operate this

Adding them in a moment.

Sounds super fun! Definitely going!

I can join this

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Hello. Do you know the estimate duration of flights on days 6,7 and 9? ThNkss

Flights 6-9 are between 8 and undefined hours. Not sure the final flight, will be the longest tho.

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Okay. Thank youu

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