08APR22 / 0800Z - Group Flight @ EGKK to LOWI

Aircraft and Livery: A320/737
Route: Group flight for a London Gatwick Hop to anywhere in Europe, I will be going to Innsbruck (LOWI)
Time of Departure: Today (08/04/2022) at 08:00Z
(Hi Infinite Flight Moderators, is that any better?)
Server: Expert

Additional info:

I will be running group flights twice every week from now on.

If you would like to recommend a flyout departure airfield, then reply to this topic with your suggestion, i will then pick at random those that have been suggested.
The more likes they get, the more chance they have at being picked.

Lets make EGKK a fun place to fly out of.

ATC would be appreciated.

See you in 30 minutes

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Hi! When posting group flights, please make sure to look over the category rules first to make sure the title is formatted correctly. I changed it for you now 😊

Enjoy your flight! ✈️

Hi! How many pilots are participating?

None at the moment. But if you’d like to come along then feel free

Thanks Marc for changing that!
Will note that for next time.

Are you still doing this I am available

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