08/14/22 04:00pm Z Calgary International Airport CYYC Fly Out

@Aviation_Jerry @AmericanB772 @canton @Butter575
The event is now an expert server event if you are not IFATC i will remove you from the lists and you can fly if you are grade 3+. This is to comply with a VA.

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I am not IFATC

I’ll take this one please

Darn it I can join

to where do u want to go

I’ll go JFK @IF_California

ok. ten ten

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I’ll go here:
A19 | WestJet | Boeing 737-700 | KSEA

ok you can do that

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I’m not IFATC and I don’t want to attend as a pilot.

rodger ten.

Please Concourse A Gate 1 WestJet 3359 to CYZF (Yellowknife NT) Dash8Q400 and I’m in
WestJet Virtual Group
Lol. Thanx

Hey, thanks for joining. If you are part of the administration on the VA could you partner with me and if you are not admin then could you pitch it to one.

ur added to the list

@Butter575 @Aviation_Jerry @AmericanB772 @Bay_Area_Aviation @CanadianNorth I had to change the event date because of family stuff please ensure you can join.

I can’t join anyway because I’m only grade 2

oh sorry to ping then

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Yes, it still works for me! I will be there!

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