08/14/22 04:00pm Z Calgary International Airport CYYC Fly Out

Hello, Aviators! Welcome to the Calgary International Airport Fly Out hosted by @ILIKEFOOD. I am excited to host this event and hope you can join. This event offers International, regional, short haul, and cargo routes.

Server: Expert

Airport: Calgary International Airport CYYC

Time: 4:00pm ZULU

Requesting the following ATC


Frieght Aircraft
Please spawn at cargo apron 900-912 near runway 11. Also if doing cargo aircraft please only use Generic 757 or 767 for Cargo Jet. Generic 767 for Fed Ex.

Terminal A

Airlines using terminal A
West Jet narrow bodies
Air Transat

West Jet 737-700 Palm Springs @Butter575
West Jet 737-700 Seattle @Bay_Area_Aviation
Concourse A Gate 1 WestJet 3359 to CYZF (Yellowknife NT) Dash8Q400 @CanadianNorth

Terminal B

Airlines using terminal A
Air Canada
West Jet

B34 American 737-800 KORD @AmericanB772

Terminal C

Airlines using terminal C

Terminal D-E

Airlines using Terminal D and E
West Jet 787
British Airways
Air Canada Heavies

80B West Jet 787-9 CYYZ @ILIKEFOOD

Please select a route with an Airline and type it bellow. I will give you the gate to spawn. Thank You!


Hi, I’d like to join, but it’s on training, so I’ll go ATC:

ok DO you want Ground Tower or Approach

in IF you cant do all those 3

Oh sorry about that, I’ll take GT.

no problem

Can I do an American Airlines B738 to KORD please

sure i will add you

Thank you!

you are the first pilot thank you

I love flyouts!

yay i am trying to get a VA to do an event while doing the flyout

@canton @AmericanB772 I had to move it a week in advance please make sure you can still join.

I think I can make it.

ok.(ten ten)

Yes I can still join, thank you

I’ll help with this @IF_California

B37 Westjet 737-700 to Palm Springs please

Ok. (Ten ten

Rodger ten