07OCT22 Orlando Florida fly out KMCO

Welcome to Orlando Florida Flyout come take a walk on the Sandy beach we host this event @AmericanB772 @AviatorRyan @Butter575 and myself we want you to join us on October 7th at 5:00 CST

Orlando international airport has 3.360.202 passengers a year it’s considering the Vegas airport in Florida

Please pick any gate as costume


Gate Destination Aircraft Pilot
Gate80 Washington Dulles b738 @AmericanB772
Gate13A Buffalo Niagara A320 @AirCanada11
Gate35 Chicago O’Hare B752 @Cordale

Tower : @Butter575
Ground : @Butter575
Departure : @United403
Approach : @United403
Center :

Date & Time
Training Server


I can take this

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I’ll do approach and departure

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You got it

Thanks for helping y’all

Can I fly an American Airlines B738 to KDCA please, thank you.

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Can I fly to KBUF on a Jetblue Airways


I’ll be going to O’Hare on a united 737-900 or 752 at the b gates

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You got it

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Let’s get some more people in here

I’m ion a be heading to JFK on the Wonderful JetBlue a320


Can I take AAL2171 to MIA in a B738 (assign me a gate if possible)?

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Let’s get some more sign ups please gates are open

i can find any flights for october 7 from KMCO so can someone else help and find a 737 southwest flight from KMCO october 7

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correction cant find any

Found you this one @Swiss1177 its a real flight

Ok thank you very much

No problem @Swiss1177 :)

Let’s get some more sign ups

I’ll take American 461B, Airbus A321 to KORD. Assign me a gate